Kodak Play Sport Camera Review

Published Deecember 3, 2011

The digital camera that I've been using for over 10 years finally died. I guess it's a good thing it died because the technology has advanced so much over the past 10 years that the bulky3.2 megapixel camera was nothing but a dinosaur that I should have put out to pasture several years ago. When it came time to replace it, I wanted something simple. All I wanted to do was point and click. It had to have zoom capability and the ability to take both still and video.


Enter the Kodak Play Sport Camera

I searched around online for a simple easy-to-use camera and came across the Kodak Play Sport. It caught my eye because it not only took pictures on dry land, but the Kodak Play Sport can take underwater pictures up to a depth of 10 feet. As advertised, it's a sporting camera. It’s great for outdoor BBQ’s, soccer and baseball games, skiing and even snorkeling. When it comes to taking indoor pictures you have to make sure the room is well lit, as the Kodak Play Sport does not have a flash. Even without a flash, however, the pictures come out pretty clear and crisp.

Operating the Kodak Play Sport

Taking pictures is as simple as turning on the camera, pointing the camera at your subject and snapping the picture. Taking videos are just as easy. The controls are all located on the front of the camera. With the press of a thumb you can witch the mode from still camera to video. That same one-thumb action will change the mode from the dry land to water mode. Although, I've taken underwater pictures/videos without switching the mode to H2O and they came out just fine.

Kodak Play Sport Pros:

  1. I like the size of the camera. It fits just perfectly in my hand and I adore the size of the screen. I've been able to take decent photos without wearing my reading glasses. The screen is large enough for me to be able to see my subject pretty clearly.
  1. Operating the camera couldn’t be easier. It’s pretty much a no-frills camera. They do have certain features such as black-and-white and sepia and other modes but I don't play with those too much.
  1. The zoom capability on this camera outshines the more popular Flip digital camera. I had an opportunity to film simultaneously with both cameras. Holding the Kodak Play Sport in one hand and the Flip in the other. I attempted to zoom in on the action and was very surprised when the Flip camera stopped zooming and was nowhere near a close-up shot of the action. My Kodak Play Sport, on the other hand, allowed me to almost count the nose hairs (I know, TMI).
  1. The photo quality and digital recording video quality are clear and crisp. The microphone works well and records sound clearly.

Kodak Play Sport Cons:

  1. It doesn't have a flash
  1. The buttons are loud. If you zoom in and out while in video record mode you will hear the clicking of the zoom button as it zooms in and out.
  1. Rather poor battery life. If you're recording outdoor events you won’t have the ability to recharge the camera. Keep an eye on the battery indicator, as it appears to go down quickly. It gives maybe an hour or so of continuous recording.


If you buy this Kodak Play Sport camera make sure to purchase an SD card. I purchased a 16GB SD card but quickly found that the camera’s battery won’t last long enough for me to fill the card. Save yourself the expense and purchase a smaller SD card. All in all, I like the Kodak Play Sport and would recommend it. Just be aware of the shortfalls

Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low-tech blogger.

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