Grandma Receives a Ransom Email

Published February 24, 2022

News Flash

Well, I must be moving up in the world. Li’l ol’ me is the recipient of a ransom email. Before I discuss it, let’s take a look at it. Here it is:

From: Malani Melendez <>
Date: February 21, 2022 at 10:02:00 PM EST
To: Me at one of my email addresses
Subject: Successfully logged into the system, all data from your system has been copied. Read the instructions below.


This is the last reminder.

Your system has been hacked. All the data from your device were copied to our servers. Besides, a video was recorded from your camera while you were watching porn.

My virus infected your device via an adult website that you visited recently.

If you don’t know how that works, I will provide the details. The trojan virus provides me full access, as well as control of the device you are using.

As a result, I can see your screen, turn on the camera and microphone while you won’t know about it.

I captured a video from your screen and the camera of the device. I edited a video wherein one part of the screen there is a video of you masturbating and in the other a pornographic video that you opened at that time.


I can see all the contacts from your phone and all of your social networks. At one moment, I can send this video to all the contacts on your phone, email, and social networks. Moreover, I can also send your email and messenger data to everybody. I can destroy your reputation forever.

If you want to avoid this, then:

Send 1300 USD (USA dollars) to my bitcoin wallet (if you don’t know how to do that, search “buy bitcoin” using Google).

My BTC wallet: bc1q60wufgssnj3pcvtawsed7vkq69xp3n7ltdss2j

As soon as I receive the payment, I will destroy your video and guarantee not to disturb you ever again. You have 50 hours (a little more than 2 days) to complete this payment.

I receive an automatic notification that this email has been read. Likewise, the timer will automatically start after you read the current email.

Don’t try to complain anywhere since the wallet cannot be tracked in any way; the email from which this mail came is also can’t be tracked and is created automatically, so there is no point in replying to me.

If you try to share this letter with anyone, the system will automatically send a request to the servers, and servers will start sending all of the data to the social networks.

Changing passwords in social networks, email, devices won’t help since all the data has already been downloaded to my servers’ cluster.

I wish you good luck and don’t do anything stupid. Think about your reputation.

Let’s Discuss This Ransom

Well folks, I guess my reputation is about to be ruined. If the sender(s) knew anything about me, they would have not wasted their time. This grandma doesn’t do porn and she is also not very active on social media platforms.

Actually, I found it quite humorous. This person doesn’t know how cheap I am and I’m not willing to spend $1,300 to save a non-existent online reputation. Plus, this email is a “last reminder.” I guess that’s good because this is the only reminder that I received.

Things that Make Me Wonder

Recently, I changed a slew of my email addresses. The email address this person used is one that I just started using in December of 2021. Before then, that email address did not exist. In addition, the email is relegated to 9 unimportant sites that I use on rare occasions. The sleuth in me believes that at least one of the 9 sites had been compromised.


Long and Short

I read the email to my daughter and she and I got an uproarious belly laugh! Bottom line, I’m keeping my $1,300 and something tells me that my reputation will remain intact.

Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.

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