Why I Bought the MACALLY Numeric Keypad

Published April 11, 2023

Who knew? There's a Bluetooth numeric keypad that works in both Apple and Windows environments. The one I bought is a MACALLY rechargeable Bluetooth numeric keypad (Amazon affiliate link). This Bluetooth numeric keyboard is just what I needed to solve a long-standing issue I had with my keyboards.

Macally Numeric Keypad

Here's Why I Wanted a Numeric Keypad

As a person who types a lot, I am constantly searching for the perfect keyboard. I believe writers and coders keep the keyboard industry flush with cash. Most of us have several keyboards. As situations change, so doe the need for keyboards.

My current keyboard du jour is the Logitech K380. Its big sister, the Logitech K780, is also a favorite, but the K380 is smaller and easier to carry around in my pouch. The downside to the K380 is it does not have a numeric keypad. Ditching the numeric keypad is what makes it so portable. However, it does make my spreadsheet work more cumbersome.

If Only There Were a Portable Numeric Keypad

We are living in a day and age where if you can think it, you can find it. Sometimes you have to search long and hard for the item. Other times, just a few keystrokes and voila! The desired item is there.

I was sitting at my tiny desk lamenting over the fact that I love the Logitech K380 keyboard's touch but really wished it had a numeric keypad. All the while knowing that adding a keypad to the K380 would leave me with the too large and too difficult to transport K780 I already have. Then it hit me! All the keyboard is missing is a numeric pad. So, get a numeric keypad if such a thing exists.

Plethora of Numeric Keypads

Fairy Godmother

I inserted my wish into the Google Fairy Godmother search bar, and lo and behold; there were a bunch of numeric keypads. It was my task to find the one that best suited my needs.

My Numeric Keypad Requirements

  1. It had to connect via Bluetooth. I have several devices and want to use the keypad with all of the devices, just as I use my keyboards. My Logitech keyboards can connect to up to 3 devices (Windows desktop and two iPads). So the wired numeric keypads were out of the question.

  2. I wanted a simple display. I prefer the numeric keypad to mirror what I have on my K780 keyboard. I only needed the numbers, arithmetic operators, and an enter key. So many numeric keypads had keys for complicated math functions. Not necessary for my needs.

  3. It had to be rechargeable. I didn't want to carry extra batteries for the deviceā€”a simple USB charging port works just fine. I could charge it from my device.

  4. On/Off button. Nothing fancy; I wanted a simple on and off button. If I tap the keys and the numbers don't appear on the spreadsheet, the solution is to turn the keypad on. I didn't want to go through any fancy troubleshooting. If it's on, it works. When it's off, it doesn't. Turning it off will save the charge. Easy, peasy.

  5. Small. I wanted the numeric keypad plus the K380 to be equal to or smaller than the size of the K780.

  6. Color. I didn't care. Color didn't make a difference as long as it met the above requirements and worked when I needed it to.

Enter the MACALLY Bluetooth Numeric Keypad

I did a quick internet search and found this one on Amazon. It was wasn't too expensive, lightweight, Bluetooth, and simple. Better yet, the size was perfect. When I placed it next to the K380 (Amazon affiliate link), the combo was just slightly smaller than the size of the K780. Both the keyboard and keypad will easily fit in my pouch.

Keyboard and Keypad Size

Whims of a Writer

Why must I carry a keyboard and keypad when I have a Magic Keyboard and Logitech Combo Touch case? It's all about the number pad and keyboard feel. I've grown less enamored with the Logitech Combo Touch. It's great for protecting my old iPad Air (not the M1 chip), but that's all I use it for. The keypad drains the battery too quickly, and I've grown out of love with the keyboard's feel. It no longer satisfies me.

The Magic Keyboard still has its magic, and I still like the keyboard's feel, but as I said earlier, the Logitech K380 is the favorite keyboard du jour. Unfortunately, the K380, coupled with the MACALLY, are not lap compatible. To use them both, I've got to sit at a table. However, if I feel like relaxing on the couch or recliner, the K780 is ideal. The large size of the K780 makes it lap compatible. It also has a slot where I can set the iPad and iPhone. Not great for traveling, but it is lap compatible.

Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low-tech blogger.

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