Logitech Combo Touch vs Magic Keyboard

Published February 10, 2022

This might be a little over the top, but I purchased the Logitech Combo Touch, yet another keyboard. Why? Well, because I purchased yet another iPad.

If you followed my transition from PC to iPad, you’ll know that the only complaint I had about the iPad Air was that I bought the wrong size hard drive. My Air is the smaller 64 GB version. I quickly realized that was not enough space, so I saved up and bought an iPad Pro with 1 TB of hard drive space (I also wrote about my attempts to use an external hard drive to make up for the lack of space, but it didn’t work out as I thought it would).

Differences between the Two

Aside from the additional hard-drive space, the M1 iPad Pro is much faster than the iPad Air. This is not news, but it has made a difference in my computing. Little things, for example, finding out how much space I have left on the device is quick work with the Pro. The Air takes a bit of time, even though the hard drive is smaller. Check out this video comparison.

As you can see, it took the Pro a fraction of the time to calculate the storage than the Air. I’m sure that’s not the only place I’ll notice the difference. I’ve downloaded a couple of games (Spyder and Oceanhorn 2) and will at a later date, test the response time on each device.

Back to the Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard

Since this post is supposed to be about keyboards, I’ll get back on topic.

When I purchased the iPad Air, I also bought the Magic Keyboard. I loved the Magic Keyboard (Amazon affiliate link).  However, now that I have two iPads, I wanted a keyboard for the second iPad. I also didn’t want to spend another $300 for a Magic Keyboard.

While the Magic Keyboard is nice, portable and the keys are great for typing, I found I wanted additional protection for when I used the iPad in portrait mode. The Scrabble game that my daughter has mercilessly been beating me in only displays in portrait orientation. As such, I have to remove the iPad from the Magic Keyboard stand and use it unprotected (either that or use the iPhone and attempt to read the letters on the smaller screen).

Enter the Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard

Logitech Combo Touch At a price tag of $200, it’s not a cheap keyboard case. But then I thought about it. If I opened the coffers to buy an M1 iPad Pro, I might as well keep the coffers open just long enough to purchase a keyboard and case worthy of the new device. The Logitech Combo Touch definitely fits the bill.

The Combo Touch (Amazon affiliate link) fills the portrait orientation protection gap that the Magic Keyboard left open. It’s lightweight and the iPad sits snugly within the case instead of attaching magnetically like the Magic Keyboard. Plus, the tablet is detachable from the keyboard to make swapping between landscape and portrait easy.

With the secure fit of the Logitech case, the sides of the iPad are better protected. Also, the cloth feel of the case provides better finger traction when holding the iPad in portrait mode. Portrait mode on the Magic Keyboard means I’m handling the smooth finish of the iPad which increases the likelihood of it slipping from my hands. For that reason, I only remove it from the Magic Keyboard when I’m seated. If it slips from my hand, it will fall into my lap rather than crash to the ground (as I did with my brand new iPhone the week after I purchased it).

Typing Experience

Since buying the Logitech Combo touch, it’s been my preferred keyboard for typing. Don’t get me wrong, the Magic Keyboard is still a typist's dream keyboard, but for me, the Combo Touch edged it out.

As you can see from the photo the Combo Touch has shortcut keys on the top row. I haven’t used them as I’ve gotten so accustomed to not having them. Over time I’ll start venturing onto the top row of the keyboard.

Logitech Keyboard

I also notice that I make fewer typos when using the Combo Touch. Maybe because the keyboard is slightly larger. It also has a larger mousepad. And, because I like to operate in stealth mode, the quieter keys on the Combo Touch are attractive to me.

Lap Typing Comfort

I prefer to type with a keyboard on my lap. As such, I find the Logitech Keyboard is more comfortable for lap typing. Maybe because I have long legs and plenty of length to prop the tablet, stand, and keyboard on my lap. With the Magic Keyboard, I just couldn’t get the iPad angle right.

When the angle was right for my viewing, the tablet was off balance and would tip over. Maybe if I were shorter, I wouldn’t have to tip the screen angle back so far. But, I am the height that I am and lap typing with the Magic Keyboard wasn’t very comfortable.

Pencil Holder

Ori Grid

I have an Ori Grid attached to the back of the Magic Keyboard. With it, I can carry all of my various and assorted peripherals such as SD cards, external HD, cords, and wires. It also has a slot for the Apple pencil. The Logitech doesn’t have a pencil slot, but I quickly and cheaply fixed that.

I resolved that issue by purchasing an inexpensive pencil attachment (Amazon affiliate link).  I was concerned that it wouldn’t stick to the material of the Logitech case, but it’s sticking just fine. The package comes with 3 pencil holders so even if it eventually loses its ability to stick, I’ve got several replacements.

Pencil Holders

Combo Touch - My Final Analysis

I’m glad that I have both keyboards and I find that I use both tablets daily. However, if I had to choose a favorite keyboard, the Logitech Combo Touch would be the winner.

Update a Year Later: 2/17/23

I find that the Logitech keyboard stand is showing signs of fatigue. The case is warping around the edges. So far, the iPad is still secure in the case, but I wonder what will happen further down the line.

The other thing to be aware of is the Logitech case drains the iPads battery quicker than the Magic keyboard. I have to remember to detach the keypad from the case at night because several times I’ve awakened to a dead iPad.

Is the Logitech keyboard still my favorite? While they both have their merits, I think the Magic Keyboard has edged the Logitech out as my favorite. When I know I’m going to use the iPad in tablet mode i.e. when drawing or writing with the Apple pencil, Logitech wins out. Otherwise, I use the Magic Keyboard.

Both keyboards offer a satisfying typing experience, but the Logitech keyboard is showing signs of fatigue. That’s not good.

Update 6/22/23: I've ditched the Logitech Combo Touch and bought a cheaper functional alternative. I bought the Arteck iPad case.

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