Grandma Bought an iPad Mini

Published August 13, 2023

Why did I buy an iPad Mini? I bought it because I’m traveling more and wanted something smaller than an iPad Pro but larger than my iPhone. The Mini fits the bill. It’s lightweight and fits nicely in my purse.iPad Mini It has a decent battery life, and my aging eyes can read the screen easier than trying to read/write on my iPhone.

Writing While Travelng

I put it to the test during a recent ten-day trip. My luggage consisted of a backpack and a purse. Having an iPad Mini simplified things. While on the plane, I pulled the Mini out of my purse and watched previously downloaded movies. When I got bored with the movies, I pulled out the portable keyboard and got some writing done (the main reason I have portable devices).

Although I carry the Apple Pencil with the Mini, I use a portable keyboard more. I type much faster than I write, so I get more accomplished that way. The keyboard I’m currently using is the Arteck HB066 portable keyboard. What I like about the keyboard is it is Bluetooth, and when folded, it’s about half the size of the Mini. It, too, fits into my purse.

iPad Mini and Portable Keyboards

I like the Arteck, but I have my eye on the iClever portable keyboard. It appears to be thinner when folded than the Arteck. I’m familiar with iClever as I purchased one of their portable keyboards before.Arteck Portable KeyboardI liked the feel and the typing experience, but it had one major flaw. The apostrophe key was located where the Return key should be. I grew tired of sending incomplete texts, emails, and messages when all I wanted to do was insert an apostrophe. That keyboard is now relegated to use in cases of emergency (i.e., it lives in my van, and I only use it if I forget my Arteck). This new iClever keyboard looks like all the keys are in the right place. If I don’t like it, I can always return it.

Forgoing the iPad Pro and Air

I’ve grown so accustomed to using the iPad Mini that I infrequently use the Pro or Air. The Mini is quick and convenient. However, when I have a major project that involves lots of images or videos, I prefer to use larger devices. I can use Procreate and Luma Fusion on the Mini but haven’t done so as yet. I’ve watched YouTube videos of how content creators use the iPad Mini for video editing. Maybe one day, when my back is against the wall, and I need to edit something on the road, I’ll do it. For now, I save such editing for larger devices.

iPad Mini for Gaming


I’m not a gamer, so I’ve not used the Mini for that purpose. Gaming to me is playing Solitaire, Mahjong, Scrabble, or other low-tech games. Maybe one day, just to test things out, I’ll try playing Marvel Future Revolution on the Mini.

Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low-tech blogger.

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