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Tauri vs HASDON

Published February 24, 2023

When I purchased the Apple Watch it made sense to buy a protective cover to keep from damaging the screen. After searching online and reading various reviews and comparisons, I decided to buy the Tauri (affiliate link) smartwatch screen protector. Tauri protectors come in packs of two for $9.99. I figured when I finally damaged one, I’d have another one as a backup until I ordered more.

How Tauri Watch Covers Performed


The Tauri Apple Watch cases are made of tempered glass. They seemed to be sturdy enough to last for a very long time. Having two in a pack would keep my watch protected for quite some time. Imagine my surprise when the first one cracked after only a few weeks.

Happy to have a backup, I removed the cracked watch protector and put the second on the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the second one only lasted a few weeks also. At the rate at which I was going through the screen protectors, I’d have to purchase a new set every three weeks. That can run into a lot of dough.

For time-frame purposes, I ordered the Tauri protectors on 7/31/22, received them a day or two later. By September 20th, I was placing another Amazon order for different watch face protectors.

SmartWatch Wrist Activity Level

I would understand the quick cracking of the cases if I were an extremely active manual labor type of person. I am not. Yes, I do go biking and do a few exercises but I'm a grandma. I'm not running around lifting bricks and building houses.

Tauri Screen Protector

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what I had done to crack the screen the first time. When it happened again so quickly, it made me question the integrity of Tauri’s product. Usually, if you hit your watch with enough force to crack the screen (or protector), you know it. The knee-jerk reaction is to immediately raise your wrist and take a look at the watch to make sure everything is still intact. No such occurrence with either crack.

I'm not sure if this case is inferior or if they shipped a bad batch but I can not recommend the Tauri smartwatch screen protectors. $10 down the drain but a lesson was learned.

SmartWatch Protective Case - Cheaper Alternative

I decided to go back to the well again. This time I spent four dollars more and got a 12-pack of screen protectors (affiliate link) for $12.99. These no-name smartwatch cases come in different colors. I figured it couldn't be any worse than the Tauris.

The name of the company for the 12-pack is HASDON. According to the description, these tempered glass protectors are compatible with the Siri 745 mm Watch. Although they’re tempered glass, the cover seemed a bit more pliable than the Tauri cover.

At the price of approximately a dollar per case, I was not particularly hopeful but it couldn't be any worse than the five-dollar per case batch that I bought the last time.

How the HASDON Smartwatch Protectors Performed

When I put one of the HASDON cases on my watch, it made me realize that the Tauri screen protectors were not as clear. I noticed a marked difference in the view screen with the newer cheaper cases.

It has been 6 months and I’m still wearing one of the HASDON smartwatch covers. I wear them until they fail. Failure with these cases is much different than the way Tauri failed. I’ve found that over time, the plastic near the dial may crack or chip thus making it easy for the cover to pop off. It doesn’t randomly pop off, but I’ve found that actions like changing my shirt when the cover is compromised will make it fall off. It can go back on, but when that happens, I know it’s time to swap out and put another cover on.

HASDON Screen Protector

The bottom half of the vulnerable area breaks off, thus making it easier for the case to come off. However, I have yet to get a crack on the face. No spider web cracks across the front of the watch cover.

In the six months, I’ve tossed out two of the case covers. I’m currently wearing the third one. I’m not one to swap out watch covers by color to match my outfit. I put one on and wear it until it fails, then I use another one. If you’re more fashion-conscious, you can always swap colors if that’s your thing.

Final Conclusion

These cases don’t last forever, but I’m pretty happy with the cheaper protective case. Let’s face it, if each one only lasted a month, you’d need to invest $12 per year (a dollar a month). Fortunately, each case lasts longer than a month.

Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low-tech blogger.

Last Modified: 3 September 2023

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