How to get the Perfect Apple Pencil Writing Resistance

Published October 7, 2022

Here’s the gist of the whole article: Put a rubber nib protector over the tip of the Apple Pencil and a Paperlike screen protector on the tablet for the perfect pen/paper feel (the Dynamic Duo). There, that is it! No need to read the entire article. However, if you’re a glutton for punishment, you may read my Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil alternative saga.

Dynamic Duo

And the Pencil Saga Begins

When I made the transition from Windows to iOS, I thought, “Why not go paperless too?” As such, I decided to buy an Apple Pencil. Well, I thought I was going to buy an Apple Pencil until I saw how much it cost.

Hmmm, my frugal gene kicked in. I pondered for a bit and thought:

Should I or Shouldn't I?
  • Will I actually use the Apple Pencil?

  • I’m not comfortable using an iPad yet, why complicate things by going paperless right away?

  • Do I really want to spend that much money on a pencil?

  • Is there a cheaper alternative?

Finding an Alternative to Apple Pencil

As is my habit, I went on Amazon to look for an Apple Pencil alternative. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but the one thing I knew was that it had to be inexpensive and compatible with my device. A few mouse clicks and several read reviews later, I purchased the JAMJAKE Stylus Pen (affiliate link) for iPad (with palm rejection). It cost a fraction of the Apple Pencil.

Letting the Pencil Rest for Months

I bought the pencil but barely used it. I was still getting used to working the iPad after coming from a lifelong Windows PC computing experience. The pencil was too much for me to throw into the mix.


When I finally started using the pencil, I didn’t like the hard tip feel against the tempered glass screen protector. It was loud and slippery, for want of a better description. To help with the too-free, slippery feeling, I purchased the matte Paperlike screen protector. A small improvement, but not enough to make me a pen-to-glass fan.

Opening up the Coffers for an Apple Pencil

Not very pleased with the writing experience of the JAMJAKE, I decided to buy the Apple Pencil. It made a big difference. Not only from the satisfying resistance aspect, but it was much quieter. It still wasn’t just like a pen on paper, but it was a large step in the right direction. I gave the JAMJAKE pencil to my husband (who NEVER used it).

Finding the Apple Pencil Sweet Spot

One day while using the Apple Pencil, I remembered the old JAMJAKE and borrowed it back from my husband to do a comparison. In doing that comparison, I found the perfect combo. The rubber nib protector for the JAMJAKE pen tip plus the Apple Pencil makes a perfect combination! It gives more resistance and a better pen-on-paper feel.

Rubber Nib

Although both pencils work with the rubber tip, the JAMJAKE falters sometimes. There are small gaps between letters when writing in cursive. Without the rubber tip, the pen works fine but the feel is way off. The hard tip is noisy against the glass and feels uncomfortable. I’d rather type than clatter away with the loud slippery pencil.

Happy Gal

The Apple pencil has a better feel on the screen protector than the alternative stylus, but with the rubber nib protector, not only do I get the satisfying feel of pen to paper, but it is accurate. Additionally, the rubber tip added to the Apple pencil does not diminish the pressure sensitivity. I ended up ordering a silicone case (affiliate link) for the Apple Pencil. All I really wanted were the protective nib covers.

Caveat: I’m not using the Apple Pencil as an artist. I’m using the pencil for taking notes and scribbling in NoteShelf. An artist may have a different opinion.

Apple Pencil vs. Knockoff: My Conclusions

If you’re an artist, or if pressure sensitivity is important to you, I would recommend getting the Apple Pencil. For everyone else, consider your budget, use case, reliability, and feel. As you can see from my experience, there are things you can do to modify the feel of the pen on the tablet, but you need a reliable pen to do so.

For me, I prefer the Apple pencil with the rubber tip. The JAMJAKE, well, I’m giving it back to my husband.

1/15/24 Update: I found different silicon nibs (affiliate link) for the Apple Pencil and I don’t need to buy the entire silicon pencil case cover. These nibs do the job. They come eight in a pack and cost less than $6. I like them better than the ones I was using before.

Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low-tech blogger.

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