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Working to Get the Job Done11/4/23 Update: I've added a blog to this site. Why? Well, because some entries work better in a blogging format while other entries don't.


11/16/23My AppleCare Refund Fiasco
11/5/23Apple's Universal Control Keeps Disconnecting
10/17/23Taking Remote Videos using Apple Watch
10/2/23My iPad Mini Stopped Responding to Touch
8/13/23Grandma Bought an iPad Mini
6/24/23Grandma Bought a Mac Mini
2/24/23Apple Watch Protective Cases
1/23/23iPad - External Monitor Support Quirks
10/7/22How to Get the Perfect Apple Pencil Writing Resistance
10/2/22How to Change the iPad's Mouse Pointer Color
1/13/22PC to iPad: A Year in Review
1/6/22Is Paperlike Really Worth It?
11/23/21Transitioning from PC to Apple (Part 3)
11/22/21iPad: Corrupt Media Files Solution Workaround
10/30/21Corrupt Files using iPad and External Hard Drive: SOLVED Not Solved!
8/23/21Transitioning from PC to Apple (Part 2)
7/17/21Transitioning from PC to Apple (Part 1)
12/18/20My First iPad


10/5/20Using Bluetooth to Transfer Files between Windows Computers
9/11/20Beelink U57 - Downsizing to a Mini PC
8/31/20Win + G to Record Your Screen
12/29/17My Experience with the Microsoft Red Screen Scam
4/15/16Removing Dell Computer Bloatware
1/22/15EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review
12/15/14Backing Up Software Profiles
12/11/14More Technological Woes
12/8/14Technological Comedy of Errors: Backup, Reformat, Lose Data, Restore


Amazon Tablets
2/18/23Repurposing an Old Amazon Fire Tablet
4/21/19My Amazon Fire HD Tablet Stopped Charging
12/3/18Grandma Bought an Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

Keyboards, Monitors, Stands, Mice, etc.

Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, etc.
11/6/23Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000: My Favorite Ten-Year-Old Headset
10/25/23iClever BK03 Portable Keyboard Review
9/25/23Geyes Mini Portable Keyboard
8/30/23Grandma Reviews the Arteck HB066 Mini Keyboard
6/22/23Good Bye Logitech Combo Touch - Hello Arteck iPad Case
5/7/23Printing on the Go with Munbyn Portable Thermal Printer
4/11/23Why I Bought the MACALLY Numeric Keypad
4/9/23Clamp-On Monitor iPad Stands for Small Desks
11/24/22Logitech K780 Keyboard: Let's Talk About It
2/10/22Logitech Combo Touch vs. Magic Keyboard
6/28/21Mobile Devices: Stands, Sticks, Holders and Mounts
9/23/20Grandma Reviews the iClever Mini Keyboard
9/14/20Grandma Reviews Zissu's Portable Monitor
9/11/20Grandma Reviews the Samsers Mini Keyboard
12/10/18Logitech MK320 Keyboard Now Meets All My Needs
11/9/17Silicone Keyboards - Are They Good for Typing?
1/26/15Dvorak Keyboard for Brain Plasticity
4/15/11Logitech M305 Portable Mouse
4/12/11Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 USB Headset

Other Stuff

Other Stuff
2/24/22Grandma Receives a Ransom Email
1/25/22Typing Speed - Let's Improve It!
1/20/22How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts on iOS and Android Devices
12/10/21How to Access Your PlayStation Console Remotely
5/21/21Turn Your Old Phone into a Mobile Hotspot
2/28/21Grandma Buys A Chromebook
10/7/20 Jackery for Powering Technology during Power Outages
4/13/20Mouse Mover - The Remote Worker's Assistant
4/5/20COVID-19 Working from Home and Google Mesh WiFi
1/21/19Recent Security Breach - Was Your Info Included?
1/23/18Internet Speed - How Much Do You Really Need?
7/8/16Mouse Over Email LInks to Help Prevent being Scammed
3/11/16How to Convert the Evenflo Exersaucer into Stage 3
8/8/15Reprogramming Keyless Entry for a Ford Freestar without Factory Set Code
12/13/11Simple Trick to Get the Kodak PlaySport Camera Battery to Charge
12/3/11Kodak Play Sport Camera Review
4/23/13Cell Phone Radiation

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