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Mobile Technology

PC to iPad

Using a PC and iPad simultaneously. Who knew? Doing so has been a great bridge in my never-ending transition from PC to iOS. Actually, I’m not sure if the transition will ever be 100% complete, but I’ll keep trying. I’ve written before about my rather bumpy transition from PC to iOS. When you have several [...]

It is What it is

I thought I had solved the corrupt media files problem, but I hadn’t. I’m still having issues with unreadable or corrupt files when transferring videos from an SD card to an external drive using the iPad. Here’s a Run Through of the Problem I capture videos using the GoPro. Then I take the micro SD [...]

Problem NOT Solved

Because I found the solution to the recurring issue of corrupt or missing files when using my external hard drive with the iPad, this post is no longer in the RANT category. It has been downgraded to the “You need to be aware” category. Here’s What Happened After recording videos on the GoPro, I’d transfer [...]

iPhone 12 Pro Max

When I bought the iPhone 12, I was coerced into purchasing the insurance. I say coerced because as a general rule, I don’t buy warranties or insurance for devices. I never purchased it when I bought computers, tvs or projectors. Keeping true to myself, I opted not to purchase the AppleCare for the iPhone. iPhone [...]

PC to iPad Transition

PC to iPad

As I continue to transition from a Windows PC to an iPad, I’ve enlisted the assistance of a helper app to bridge the gap between the two. The app I’m using is called Remote Desktop Mobile. This app allows me to access my desktop from the iPad. There are other apps that offer the same [...]

iMovie Icon

I’ve been having a grand time creating movies and trailers using the iMovie app on the iPad Air. My family is sick of me sending them all types of videos and movies. I can’t help it. iMovie is a lot of fun and very easy to use. It’s great for a beginner like me. Since [...]

Apple Pay Card

I recently became an Apple Pay member. Having an Apple Pay credit card (or should I say, line of credit) is a whole new way of life for me. For the record, I don’t use credit cards. Being the old-school, Low-Tech Grandma that I am, I use either cash or debit. I don’t like to [...]


Over the past several years I’ve been slowly transitioning from a Windows PC to the Apple environment. At my age, that is no simple task. With years of Windows and PC training under my belt, jumping ship to board the Apple train is more like “let’s take the slow boat to somewhere far away.” In [...]


In my last post, I ended it with a sentence about Dragon NaturallySpeaking. In essence, the post was about my transition from a PC to an iPad. On my PC I used Dragon NaturallySpeaking as my dictation software. I’ve been using that for years so I know how to get it to do what I [...]

Resizing Images

I thought it strange that I had to download and purchase apps to do something simple like resizing an image and viewing the image metadata on my iPad. The two apps I downloaded were Image Resize and Crop Size. As a PC user, finding the metadata and resizing images is easy. I’ve got a very [...]