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Too Much Paper

I finally found the right note-taking app. The name of the app is NoteShelf! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with it. I’ve been searching for the right note-taking app along with a digital planner and NoteShelf fits the bill. By the way, it’s compatible with Android and iOS. My Paperless Transition Now [...]


I recently started using an app called Duolingo to help me learn Spanish. The fact that I took Spanish in high school has little bearing on how much Spanish I can now read and understand. As a matter of fact, I only remember the basics. Fortunately, with the Duolingo app, I can spend about 15 [...]

iPad a Year Later

In December of 2020, I purchased an iPad Air 4. The goal was to use it as my main computer and to transition away from my decades-long relationship with Windows.The transition has been a bumpy ride. The ride wasn’t bumpy due to a flaw in the iPad. The ride was bumpy because my Windows brain [...]

Problem NOT Solved

Because I found the solution to the recurring issue of corrupt or missing files when using my external hard drive with the iPad, this post is no longer in the RANT category. It has been downgraded to the “You need to be aware” category. Here’s What Happened After recording videos on the GoPro, I’d transfer [...]

iMovie Icon

I’ve been having a grand time creating movies and trailers using the iMovie app on the iPad Air. My family is sick of me sending them all types of videos and movies. I can’t help it. iMovie is a lot of fun and very easy to use. It’s great for a beginner like me. Since [...]


In my last post, I ended it with a sentence about Dragon NaturallySpeaking. In essence, the post was about my transition from a PC to an iPad. On my PC I used Dragon NaturallySpeaking as my dictation software. I’ve been using that for years so I know how to get it to do what I [...]

Resizing Images

I thought it strange that I had to download and purchase apps to do something simple like resizing an image and viewing the image metadata on my iPad. The two apps I downloaded were Image Resize and Crop Size. As a PC user, finding the metadata and resizing images is easy. I’ve got a very [...]


Not too long ago, I wrote about my recent iPad purchase. This, after years of operating in a Windows environment. My brain is doing all types of somersaults transitioning from Windows to iOS. I knew the transition was going to be tough, but I’ll power through. The biggest concern I had, however, was what was [...]

Voice Record Pro

I can’t believe I didn’t write about this app before. Several years ago I came across a free app called Voice Record Pro. I started using it in conjunction with NaturallySpeaking. It allowed me to record dictation for later transcription. I previously used Dragon’s free Remote Anywhere dictation app, but they discontinued it only to [...]


Instagram is a neat little tool. It allows me to keep up with the happenings of my younger relatives. I much prefer it to Facebook because it’s concise. The problem I have with Instagram, however, is that it isn’t as PC friendly as I would like. You see, these eyes much prefer viewing Instagram through [...]