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Logitech Combo Touch

This might be a little over the top, but I purchased the Logitech Combo Touch, yet another keyboard. Why? Well, because I purchased yet another iPad. If you followed my transition from PC to iPad, you’ll know that the only complaint I had about the iPad Air was that I bought the wrong size hard [...]


How fast do you type?  I learned how to type decades ago. I started to go into a long trip down memory lane sharing my typing experience over the years but fell asleep when proofing it. Who cares how and when I learned to type. The bottom line is, fast typing is a beneficial skill. [...]

Degree Symbol

This is a quick post inspired by my brother. I’ll call it the degree post. As my brother and I chat back and forth on Messenger talking about riveting topics such as the weather, you can imagine how many times we have to actually type out the word degree or degrees. Now, that’s not so [...]

Logitech K780

I think I finally found my perfect keyboard. It’s the Logitech K780. After many years and many keyboard purchases, I am satisfied and I think I can finally stop searching, testing, and buying keyboards (not to mention returning those that didn’t fit the bill). Here’s What I like about the Logitech K780 Tactile: As a [...]

iClever Package

My fingertips are dancing across yet another keyboard. Yes, I’m still testing portable keyboards and I think this one, made by iClever, is a keeper. I returned the last one because it just didn’t work for me. This one, however, seems to have everything the other keyboard was missing (with 2 small exceptions). What You [...]

Samsers Box

I’ve been testing all sorts of things lately. This Low-Tech Grandma is having a ball. This time around, I decided to try using a portable keyboard. After all, I purchased a min PC and portable monitor, why not a portable keyboard to complete the trio. The keyboard I’m testing now is the Samsers wireless mini [...]


I’m finicky when it comes to keyboards. I have several computer keyboards that I rotate. I rotate them based on need and preference. If I could find one keyboard to meet all of my needs, I wouldn’t have to rotate them. Unfortunately, I haven’t found that one perfect keyboard…or so I thought!. With the recent [...]

Rii i8+ Mini Keyboard

The Rii i8+ mini keyboard has made navigating around my Amazon Fire TV Stick a lot easier. If you’re using the Amazon Fire TV Stick with Kodi, Terrarium TV or any of the other streaming services, you know how cumbersome using the Fire Stick remote can be. Searching for movies by title or actor requires [...]

Blue Silicone Keyboard

After 2 years of using silicone keyboards, they are still my preferred keyboard for typing. As a blogger and sometimes writer, I have several keyboards and typewriters (yes, I’m that old). The silicone keyboards have outlasted some of my more expensive and feature-rich keyboards.  I paid less than $20 for my keyboard and they’re even [...]

Old School vs New School

The beauty of owning a large cell phone like the iPhone 6s Plus is that it can double as a workstation. Yes, I’m writing this post on my iPhone using a combination of Dragon’s Dictation and the portable keyboard. It’s amazing what a phone can accomplish nowadays. Finding the Right iPhone Keyboard Finding a portable [...]