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KUXIU Magnetic iPad Stand Review

Finding the perfect iPad stand for your desk is not always easy. It’s especially difficult when you’re using a small writing desk. Space is at a premium, so the base of the stand can’t take up much desktop real estate. After much searching and trial and error, I finally came across the KUXIU (affiliate link) foldable magnetic mount for iPads. The beauty of this stand is that it clamps onto the desk and won’t take up precious tabletop space.KUXIU Magnetic iPad Stand

KUXIU Stand Overview

This stand, or foldable magnetic mount, is made of metal and has several bendable joints. I’d like to say pivot points, but unfortunately, only one joint will pivot. The remaining joints bend to various degrees. The top of the clamp (the part that sits atop the desk) has a foam rubber substance that protects the desk from scratches. The metal tightening screw beneath the desk is sturdy. I’ve had clamps that failed when I attempted to screw them to the desk. Not the case with the KUXIU iPad stand.Clamp

List of Pros and Cons

Since I have both an iPad 11 and 12 inches, I bought a KUXIU for each. The stands are not interchangeable. Let me go over the pros and cons of the KUXIU Stand.


  1. The stands are sturdy and well-built.
  2. The magnetic attachment pad is strong. No worries about the iPad falling off.
  3. They do not wobble when typing.
  4. They’re attractive (as much as an iPad stand can be attractive).
  5. They hold their position. I’ve not had the issue of the iPad slowly lowering over time.


  1. The joints are stiff and require concentrated effort to move it. I don’t have to worry about the stand altering his position based on any vibration on the desk.
  2. I wish the topmost joint had a ball and socket type of rotation for more pivotability.

Adjusting the Stand

As I mentioned above, the KUXIU iPad stand joints are tight. I tried putting WD-40 on them to loosen things up a bit to make it easier to adjust, but that didn’t work. So, I “gird up my loins” when it’s time to adjust the iPads. Actually, it’s really not that bad. I consider adjusting the iPads as part of my upper body workout. I am exaggerating, but sometimes it is difficult to readjust the stand’s position.

Worth the Price

These stands are not cheap, but sometimes quality costs. I’ve purchased cheaper iPad stands and had to return them as they didn’t live up to the promise. The stands that I didn’t return, I gave them away to friends/family. Let’s face it, after shelling out the amount of cash to buy an iPad, I might as well get a stand to compliment it. The KUXIU fits the bill.Desk with KUXIU Stands

iPad Stand for Large and Small Desks

I originally ordered the XU when I had the small writing desk (it was only 32” by 17”). Since then, I graduated to a larger standing desk. With the new desk (55” by 28”), I can use both stands as they flank the computer monitor (which is also affixed to a clamp-on stand). The KUXIU completes my desktop setup, and each stand takes about 1 square inch of desk real estate. Talk about efficiency! (insert photo)

A Little About Shipping

I ordered the 11.9” iPad stand directly from the manufacturer. It took several days, if not weeks, to be delivered. When I bought the 12.9-inch iPad, I ordered the second stand from Amazon, thinking I would receive it quicker. It, too, took quite some time to be delivered, about a week and a half. The delivery time will vary from country to country, but in my opinion, it’s worth the wait.

About the Author: Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, writer and low-tech blogger.

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