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Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard Review

Logitech MX Keyboard

My keyboard addiction struck again. This time, I had a hankering for a mechanical keyboard. I remember the days of old when I typed on the IBM Selectric typewriter. Oh, those were the days. The satisfying feel and clickety-clack of the keyboard made typing papers, proposals, and nonsensical jokes a joy. In an attempt to [...]

KUXIU Magnetic iPad Stand Review

KUXIU iPad Stand

Finding the perfect iPad stand for your desk is not always easy. It’s especially difficult when you’re using a small writing desk. Space is at a premium, so the base of the stand can’t take up much desktop real estate. After much searching and trial and error, I finally came across the KUXIU (affiliate link) [...]

Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000: My Favorite Ten-Year-Old Headset

Favorite Headset

Almost ten years ago, I bought a headset. It was the Microsoft LifeChat LX – 3000. I used it for years. As a matter of fact, I purchased two of them. I made the mistake of lending one of them, so now I’m down to one. What I like about the Microsoft LifeChat is the [...]

Logitech Combo Touch vs Arteck iPad Case

Combo Touch vs. Arteck

It’s been over a year since I purchased the Logitech Combo Touch iPad case. I was thrilled about it when I first got it, but that enthusiasm soon waned. Over time, I found several issues with the Combo Touch case that made it increasingly difficult to continue using it. That truly bothered me because I [...]