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PlayStation 5 Expenses


Now that we have the PlayStation 5, I found that we needed to add a few things to make the gaming experience work properly for us. Games are resource-intensive and take up a lot of hard drive space. Having bought a 1 TB console is barely enough space when playing games like Spiderman 2 or [...]

Apple Notes for Movie/Game Cataloging

Apple Notes Confusion

As simple as Apple Notes is to use, I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around some of the features. I watch videos of people using Apple notes for a host of things. They also add tags and smart folders and can sort things. For some reason, fully utilizing the Apple Notes app has [...]

Adding Users to PS5 vs PS4

PS5 vs PS4

Oh my, how things have changed. I recently bought a PS5 gaming console, an upgrade from PS4. I bought it because my grandson has been wishing for and dropping hints about Spiderman 2. He’s been saving money and wanted to buy it. He doesn’t quite understand that $60 was hardly enough to seal the deal. Spiderman [...]

PlayStation 5 On My Mind

Thinking about PS5

I can’t believe that I’m actually thinking about buying a PlayStation 5 console. I’m sure you’re asking, “Why is this grandma thinking of buying a PlayStation 5? She’s not a gamer”. I’ll tell you why. It’s because I am intrigued by some of the PlayStation games. And my partner in crime, my grandson, has repeatedly [...]