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Taking Baby Steps with Canva


This grandma has decided she wanted to learn how to enhance her digital creations with Canva. What is Canva? It’s a graphic design tool that allows users to create a wide range of professional-looking images, videos, presentations, posters, and more. A lot of folks use it to create posts and reels for social media. It’s also [...]

Creating YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos

My grandson and I are attempting to make YouTube videos. He wants to create videos to share the gameplay of some of his favorite PS5 games. As for me, I want to learn editing skills so I can dabble in making videos for the Low-Tech Grandma YouTube channel. While I’m learning how to create PlayStation [...]

Grandma Gives Nuance’s Dragon Anywhere a Try

Dragon Anywhere

I decided to bite the bullet and purchase an annual subscription to Nuance’s Dragon Anywhere. For those not familiar with Dragon Anywhere, it’s a dictation app. Nuance has been in the dictation business for many years. I believe the first Dragon Dictation release was in 1997. I was introduced to Dragon’s software (back then, it [...]