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KUXIU Magnetic iPad Stand Review

KUXIU iPad Stand

Finding the perfect iPad stand for your desk is not always easy. It’s especially difficult when you’re using a small writing desk. Space is at a premium, so the base of the stand can’t take up much desktop real estate. After much searching and trial and error, I finally came across the KUXIU (affiliate link) [...]

My Preference of iPad over Mac Mini

iPad or Mac Mini

I came into the Apple world via an iPhone. From the iPhone, I expanded to iPads. While I enjoyed my iPhone and iPad, I had “old school” encouragement to get a Mac. For some reason, folks in my age group think computing isn’t computing until you have a desktop, either PC or Mac. I resisted [...]

Apple Notes for Movie/Game Cataloging

Apple Notes Confusion

As simple as Apple Notes is to use, I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around some of the features. I watch videos of people using Apple notes for a host of things. They also add tags and smart folders and can sort things. For some reason, fully utilizing the Apple Notes app has [...]

Apple Pay: Mac Mini vs iPad

Apple Pay

I learned an interesting lesson today. I learned that if I use my Mac Mini to purchase something online using the Apple Pay card, the card defaults to cash. In other words, it would draw the money from the balance of the accumulated cash I received from prior purchases made with the card. How Apple Pay Works [...]

My AppleCare Refund Fiasco

No AppleCare for Me

I almost bought the iPhone 15 Pro Max. I went on the Apple.com website, configured the phone I wanted, and put it in my Apple shopping bag. In addition to the phone, I added the AppleCare warranty. Since the iPhone 15 was just released, none of the Apple stores in my region had the phone [...]

Mac’s AirDrop Not Working Properly


AirDrop is a convenient feature to have in the Apple ecosystem. It allows me to work more efficiently when it works. With AirDrop, I can modify images on one device and drop them to another. This feature is particularly useful because I do the image editing on the iPad and writing on the Mac. Adding [...]

Apple’s Universal Control Keeps Disconnecting

Universal Control

I love Apple’s Universal Control feature. For those unfamiliar with it, Universal Control allows me to control my Mac computer and two other devices (two iPads) with one keyboard and mouse. It’s a lovely feature. I have an iPad on each side of the Mac and vacillate using all three displays. It’s called Low-Tech Grandma [...]

Taking Remote Videos with An Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The title of this post should be, “How to use the Apple Watch to Unlock the iPhone to Take Remote Videos (Not Still Photos),” but I think that title is too long. So, I opted for the above title instead. The iPhone and Apple Watch are a dynamic combo. They’re like Batman and Robin or [...]

Is the Paperlike Screen Protector Worth It?


Because I’m “frugal”, I didn’t initially purchase the Paperlike screen protector for my iPad. Sometimes my frugality doesn’t make sense. Why scrimp on a screen protector after spending a small fortune on an iPad. When it comes to saving a few pennies, tools and peripherals for the iPad are not a good place to scrimp. [...]