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Call Your Cable Company

TVIf you have not done so recently, you need to call your cable company and go over your bill. The accuracy of the bill is not what’s in question; the current rates and company promotions are what you need to discuss.

In an earlier post, I shared how I started using the Apollo TV streaming service. One year of service costs $160, and they offer all the channels my cable company offers and more. My monthly cable bill, on the other hand, is $178. Now granted, of the $178, only $89 is attributed to TV service, but if I can watch all the cable channels through Apollo TV, why pay the $89 a month?

Calling the cable company

I called the cable company to find out how much my new monthly charge would be minus the TV service. I understood my bill was discounted because I bundled three services (internet, TV, and phone), so it wouldn’t be as simple as reducing the bill by $89.

After a whole lot of dancing around and strong encouragement from the cable company for me to keep the TV service, they finally gave me an answer as to how much it would cost to drop the TV portion. The Internet cost would increase by $10, and the phone charge would remain at $10. According to my calculations, that brings the bill down to $110.99 monthly, excluding taxes.

Getting a Straight Answer

Straight Answer

She put me through the wringer before I could get the cable representative to tell me how much the two services would cost.She put me on hold and returned with a monthly price of $159.99 if I kept the TV service. Of course, I said no. She put me on hold again and came back with a price drop of $131.99, including the TV service. Really? I’ve been paying $178, and now you’re dropping my payment to $131.99! No. I told her I didn’t want it.

She put me on hold for a third time. This time, she came back with an offer I couldn’t refuse. She increased the TV package to include a boatload of additional channels (not that I need them) and dropped the price to…get this…$111.83. That price included taxes.Cable Company

What?! They increased the number of channels and reduced the price to just a smidge above what I’d pay if I dropped the TV service and included the taxes. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Cable Companies – What a Racket!

My mom didn’t raise a fool. I took the deal. I didn’t need the channels, but the pricing was right. So, I get more channels for a lower price than if I dropped the TV service altogether. The cable company rep advised me to call again a year from now as rates will increase, and I’ll have to see what “promotions” they’re offering next year.

I guess I’ll go through the same rigmarole a year from now.

As I said earlier, if you haven’t called your cable company recently, you should. You might be leaving money on the table.

Cable Company Update 1/18/24:

Well, things didn’t go as promised. The cable company lied to me. After confirming the reduction in monthly price, they pushed through an invoice with the same old higher amount. So, naturally, I had to call them again!

This time, I got another person in a more senior role. I also got smart this time. Instead of taking copious notes, I recorded the conversation. I had the representative on speakerphone and recorded every word. I then saved the recording to my files for future reference.

This go ’round, the person apologized for the mix-up and for the “incorrect” information the earlier customer service rep promised. She tried to explain the other rep’s error, and I didn’t want to hear it. The bottom line is I’m now paying more monthly than the original promise. I was not happy with that.

Cable Companies Lie

Before the call ended, I explained that I wanted a confirmation email outlining our discussion and the conversation’s outcome. I didn’t want any further surprises. She obliged.

What did I learn from this? It reinforced my belief that cable companies are running a racket on their customers. They speak with forked tongues. From here on out, I’m recording every conversation I have with my cable company. They may record conversations for training purposes, but I record conversations because I cannot trust them.

About the Author: Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, writer and low-tech blogger.

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