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Artificial Intelligence

As a person who likes to write and who likes to write online, the evolution of artificial intelligence has thrown me for a loop. When I was a kid many moons ago, I always thought the robot invasion would take over things like manufacturing and assembly lines. I never thought it would interfere with the arts.Artificial Intelligence

Boy, was I wrong. Yes, robots and artificial intelligence have been instrumental in manufacturing many of the items we use today. That’s a good thing sometimes. However, the thought that what you’re reading right now could have been written by a robot kinda scares me.

Facing My Fears

FYI, this post is being written by a human, not AI. All the grammatical, spelling, and usage errors are mine. Facing FearsHowever, I’ve learned to face and embrace my fears over the years. As such, some of the articles on this blog will be written with the help of artificial intelligence. For example, I use Grammarly to edit my content.Facing My Fears

Additionally, I use AI to create images. Image creation is also an exercise of trial and error, but I keep trying.

There are tools such as ChatGPT, Dall-E (now included in ChatGPT), SEOwriting.ai, and a host of others. I’m slowly exploring them to see how they work and whether or not they can help me become more productive in what I do.

Learning About AI Writing

When it comes to AI writing, humans still have a lot of control over the final outcome. It’s a matter of giving AI the right prompt. Using a detailed and specific prompt will help reduce the editing time of the AI-generated article. But rest assured, there will be a need for editing.

Since this blog is basically about my first-hand experiences and challenges, I don’t see a need to use AI when composing posts. Having said that, if I do experiment with an AI generated article, I’ll give my readers a heads up.

Artificial Intelligence Experiments

This entire blog is an experiment. I believe life is all about experimenting, and that’s how you learn. You can resist the changes but I don’t recommend that. Just like a tree in the storm, the ones that are stiff and don’t bend get broken. Usually, it is the older trees.

Going with the FlowI consider myself an older tree. But I intend to do some bending. At my age, I can’t reach some of the lower limbs as I’m not as flexible as I used to be, but I am flexible enough to want to learn about artificial intelligence.

About the Author: Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, writer and low-tech blogger.

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