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Logitech Combo Touch vs Arteck iPad Case

It’s been over a year since I purchased the Logitech Combo Touch iPad case. I was thrilled about it when I first got it, but that enthusiasm soon waned. Over time, I found several issues with the Combo Touch case that made it increasingly difficult to continue using it. That truly bothered me because I had invested close to $200, and, in the long run, it just wasn’t worth it.

Issues with the Logitech Combo Touch

The more I used it, I found the kickstand was too large for my needs. The kickstand, along with the keypad, took up a lot of room (12″). I have a small desk, and real estate is at a premium. Unlike the Magic Keyboard, the kickstand adds four inches to the device’s depth, making it difficult for me to use it in small spaces.

Combo Touch vs. Arteck
The other problem I had with the case was the battery drain. The Combo Touch would deplete the iPad battery life rather quickly. The backlit keyboard was always on. As such, it constantly drained the battery. If I closed the case for the night without disconnecting the keyboard, I’d wake up to a drained iPad battery. I guess if I had powered down the iPad, that wouldn’t happen, but I didn’t.

The most disappointing aspect of the case was it did not hold its form. The rubber around the iPad started to warp. That’s inexcusable and surprising. I’ve purchased many Logitech items and never had anything fail like this.

Combo Touch Warping

Arteck iPad Case an Inexpensive Combo Touch Alternative

The Arteck iPad case (affiliate link) is inexpensive, so I guess my expectations were lower. Let’s face it, spending $45 versus $200 does modify a person’s expectations. However, having said that, I’m pleasantly surprised with the Arteck.

When I bought the Combo Touch, I was looking for a case that could separate from the keyboard and still protect the iPad. I already had the Magic Keyboard, but when I disconnected the iPad from the Magic Keyboard, the iPad was unprotected. The Combo Touch offered such protection.

Still wanting the same “disconnected protection,” I bought the Arteck. I can remove the iPad from the keyboard and still have it protected. Additionally, the Arteck case does not use a kickstand to hold the iPad upright when attached to the keyboard. A magnetic hinge connects the top and bottom of the case and allows me to adjust the angle while typing.

Magnetic Hinge

Arteck Keyboard and Mouse

The feel of the keyboard is okay. The keys are hard plastic and a little slippery. I also notice I have more typos in the form of repeated letters. The Logitech Combo Touch had a nicer keyboard experience. Arteck’s keyboard has a top row of number keys that double as media and brightness keys when pressed in conjunction with the fn key. Pairing the keyboard to the iPad is as simple as depressing the fn+delete keys.

Although the Arteck mouse functions properly, it operates differently than any other mouse/keyboard combo I’ve used. The keyboard has the option to turn off the mousepad. Why? Well…if your fingers or hand inadvertently brush against the mouse pad, the cursor will float along the screen and reset the typing insertion point. The first few times that happened, I was stumped until I noticed the blue indicator on the space bar to turn off the mouse pad. Turning it off allowed me to type without a wandering insertion point.

Arteck Mouse

Arteck and iPad Battery Life

Regarding battery drain, the Arteck iPad case does not have backlit keys and uses USB to charge the keyboard. Therefore, it does not drain the iPad’s battery. When the keyboard needs recharging, an indicator light will flash. I’m unsure how long one charge lasts as I’ve not had to recharge it since I bought it ten days ago. There is an On/Off switch, but I’ve turned it on, and it has remained so.

This Gal’s Opinion

My 2 CentsArteck’s hard plastic case does not have the classy feel of the Magic Keyboard or the Logitech Combo Touch. However, I got rid of the Combo Touch because it no longer served its purpose. On the other hand, the Magic Keyboard has maintained its integrity and is still my favorite.

I use the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro and the Arteck for the older iPad Air (the Air that came out before the M1 chip).

As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Unfortunately, I paid too much for the Logitech Combo Touch. It did not stand the test of time.

About the Author: Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, writer and low-tech blogger.

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