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Adding Users to PS5 vs PS4

PS5 vs PS4Oh my, how things have changed. I recently bought a PS5 gaming console, an upgrade from PS4. I bought it because my grandson has been wishing for and dropping hints about Spiderman 2. He’s been saving money and wanted to buy it. He doesn’t quite understand that $60 was hardly enough to seal the deal. Spiderman 2 is only available on PS5 (which I hadn’t realized when he first started dropping hints).

Anyway, I got the console to surprise him (and to treat myself). I learned I could transfer data from PS4 to PS5 so I began the process. All I really wanted to transfer were the user profiles. Imagine my surprise when the only thing that didn’t transfer were the user profiles. Of course, my profile transferred, but none of the others did.Transferring Data to PS5

Creating User Profiles on PS5

I was flummoxed when I found out that to add adult users to my console, I had to invite folks who already had Playstation accounts. No account, no invite. Only children can be added without an invite. So, to test things, I tried adding my husband as a child to my account. Playstation wasn’t having it. They said, “C’mon, Grandma! Really?! Now you know he’s too old to be added as a child. Who are you trying to kid?”. Well, it didn’t really say that, but they rejected his child status.

Having failed at that, I then attempted to add my grandkids and was informed that I had to pay $.50 to add them. Not only that, but I had to pay the fee with a credit/debit card or PayPal. In other words, they wanted me to attach a form of payment to my account! There is a reason why I redeem Amazon gift cards to buy games. I didn’t want to upload my credit card information to their servers. UGH!Adding Child User PlayStation

With using Amazon gift cards, the chances of my grandkids inadvertently purchasing a service or game is drastically reduced. Also, we’re not full-time gamers, so the Amazon method works just fine, and I wasn’t willing to change it.

Adding Users Work Around

As an owner of several domains, I chose one as the repository of all PlayStation accounts. I created email addresses for each user I wanted to add. The email addresses were redirected to my PlayStation email address. Now that I had an email address for each user, I created Playstation accounts.Email Addresses

After creating the accounts, I sent invite requests to each and of course the requests redirected to me. I accepted each request, and now I’ve added all of the users from PS4 to PS5. I added an extra account for wanderers. It’s called the House account. I did this for selfish reasons.

Whenever a non-user visits and we play video games, my account seems to be the default account. They play and reach levels that I’m unskilled to maintain. With the House account being the default, my account remains untouched by anyone but me.

Self Contained Gaming

As I’ve mentioned before, we are not serious gamers. There’s no online play or online chatting. I know I’m underutilizing the PS5 console, but being self-contained works for us.

About the Author: Felicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, writer and low-tech blogger.

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