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Bob Dylan

Like the song, this blog is changing. No longer will it be a blog. I’ve given up on the blogging platform and will be reverting to the good ol’ stationary website. Why? Because I’m tired of updates, spam, and hack attacks This blog has been rather dormant so I don’t think the change will bother [...]


How fast do you type?  I learned how to type decades ago. I started to go into a long trip down memory lane sharing my typing experience over the years but fell asleep when proofing it. Who cares how and when I learned to type. The bottom line is, fast typing is a beneficial skill. [...]

Back to the Drawing Board

I Apologize

This is a short post and an apology for subjecting my readers to Follow.it. It is not working for me and from some of the feedback I’ve received, it’s not working for you either. As such, after submitting this post, I am deleting all names from the subscriber list. If you wish to follow the [...]