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The times, they're a changing (and changing back again).

Bob Dylan

Like the Bob Dylan song, this blog has changed. It is no longer a blog. I’ve given up on the blogging platform and will be reverting to a good ol’ stationary website. Why? Because I’m tired of updates, spam, and hack attacks. Yes, this grandma is going back in time with old web tech rather than new.

LTG Old School

The process will take some time, but that’s the direction Low Tech Grandma is heading. I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time. So, as my new motto goes, “If not now...when?” And the transition begins...

Below is my best attempt at summarizing this blog into 3 categories. That's tough to do considering that when this was a blog it had 34 categories (GASP!).

It's still a work in progress. For anyone unfamiliar with Low-Tech Grandma, check out the About page to get a better feel for what I'm about.

Update: Grandma's BlogI've decided to create a blog in addition to the static website. I guess I found out the hard way that blogging does have its merits. However, some writings are better as articles, while others are blog posts. This way, I have the best and the worst of both worlds.

CategoriesWhat You Might Find
AppsI share my reviews, learning curves, and rants about apps that I've come across.
Computer StuffAs I look at the content in this category, I realize, it's mostly about keyboards. Writers have a thing about keyboards and we're always looking for the best one. I'm no different.

However, since starting this blog site back in 2007, I've transitioned away from computers and mainly work on an iPad. Unfortunately, the transition is not complete because some programs aren't iPad compatible, like Turbo Tax and my Grandson's iReady school program. So I guess I'll have one foot in both worlds.

TVThere was a time when I dove knee-deep into TV streaming apps such as Kodi and Terrarium and wrote several articles about them. I've since outgrown my streaming app fascination and have deleted a lot of that content. However, there are one or two articles in this section that have proven helpful to other folks so I've kept them here.

Last Modified: 29 January 2024

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