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Advertise on Low Tech Grandma

On Low Tech Grandma I decided to try something different. As I review the blog’s statistics and its growing audience, I have decided to forgo displaying AdSense ads. I believe they clutter the interface and detract from the reader’s experience. Instead of using AdSense ads, I’ve decided to sell ads directly to those who are interested.

Low Tech Grandma’s Demographics

It actually surprised me to find that my largest audience is males between the ages of 25-34. Yep, this old gal is really shocked. The demographic breakdown from January 1, 2017, to December 12, 2017 (date of this writing) is as follows:


Males: 65.9%
Females: 34.1%Low Tech Grandma Gender Demographic

Age Groups:

25-34: 32.40%
35-44: 25.60%
45-54: 13.85%
55-64: 11.29%
18-24: 10.38%
65+: 6.48%

Low Tech Grandma Age Demographic


United States: 68.24%
Canada: 7.98%
United Kingdom: 7.27%
India: 3.66%
Australia: 2.24%
Remainder from several other countries

Low Tech Grandma Traffic

In the last 3 months, the page views have been increasing on average by about 1600 new page views each month.

September: 4,762
October: 6,426
November: 8,051

Granted, the numbers aren’t huge, but they’re heading in the right direction. Because the numbers are not large, the ad pricing is reflected accordingly. However, as things improve and readership increases, the ad pricing will be fairly adjusted.

The page view and demographic information shared here comes straight from the Google Analytics Web Tool

About the Ads

If you look to the right, you’ll see the “Advertise Here” box. Actually, it’s a grid of 4 boxes that consist of two rows of two boxes. Each box offers two advertising spots. The ads will be evenly rotated.

The cost for each box is $10 for 30 days ($.33 per day). Animated ads are accepted, subject to approval. Image size should not exceed 18KB and no flash ads are permitted. Images in GIF, JPEG or PNG format are preferable. All ads will carry rel=”nofollow” attribute on the target URL.

If you wish to purchase an ad space you can do so here.

Advertising Rate Changes

The advertising rates are set in accordance with Low Tech Grandma’s statistics. Grandma (er, I mean I) review and analyze traffic and demographics quarterly. At that time I will update the information on this page and adjust the rates accordingly.

Advertising rates effective 12/12/17. Grandma retains the right to reject ads that are not suitable for this site.

Low Tech Grandma Product Reviews

If you have a product that fits within the scope of this blog and would like for me to review it, please contact (admin [at] lowtechgrandma [dot] com) me. Just keep in mind that I’ll be extremely honest in my review. If your product is marginal and you know it, please don’t ask me to review it.