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Instagram is a neat little tool. It allows me to keep up with the happenings of my younger relatives. I much prefer it to Facebook because it’s concise.

The problem I have with Instagram, however, is that it isn’t as PC friendly as I would like. Instagram on PCYou see, these eyes much prefer viewing Instagram through a large screen while these fingers prefer using a full-sized keyboard. I know my preference kind of defeats the purpose of having a mobile app, but when I’m home, the PC is my device of choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I can access Instagram on my home computer. It even allows me to like photos, add comments, bookmark and share posts. What it doesn’t allow me to do, however, is post photos from a PC to my Instagram account.

Instagram PC Work Arounds

Thinking I’m not the only person in the world wanting this feature, I started browsing around the internet. What I found out was there are several programs that one can use (for a fee) in conjunction with a PC or Mac that offer the features I was looking for. Here are the names and links of a few apps:

  1. Flume for Mac
  2. Uplet for Mac
  3. Deskgram  for Mac and PC
  4. LR/Instagram  LR/Instagram – a plugin for web developers/bloggers

Currently (January 2020), Uplet and LR/Instagram are not working with the latest Instagram update. The app developers are working on a solution.

I haven’t tried any of the apps partially because I didn’t want to pay a fee for the ability to post photos to Instagram. Additionally, I didn’t want an app to help me navigate another app. So rather than get app happy, I decided to use the free alternative that I already had…aka, my Chrome web browser.

Instagramming on a PC

Most, if not all, modern web browsers have the ability to do what I’m about to explain below. However, the steps I outline are specific for the Chrome browser. You’ll probably have to modify things just a bit for different browsers.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Navigate to your Instagram account on your PC and sign in.
  1. Right mouse click on a blank area of the web page to invoke the following menu:Inspect Menu
  1. Click on Inspect. Doing so will open the Inspector tool on the right side of your screen. It might take up a large part of the screen, but we don’t really care. Just drag the left side of the tool towards the right to make it smaller. All we care about is the upper left-hand corner of the Inspector tool.
    Inspector Tool
  2. Click on the mobile phone which will resize the screen of your Instagram account to mimic the screen of a mobile device.Instagram on PC before refresh
  3. If the resized screen doesn’t show the Instagram menu for adding a new post at the bottom of the display, refresh the page.Instagram Refreshed
  4. Use Instagram as you would on a mobile device.

Things to Note:Note

  1. The PC version will not have all of the same features as the mobile app. Things like “edit” or multiple photos among other functions are not available on the PC.
  1. On my Chrome browser, the mouse pointer turns into a greyed circle. It works the same as an arrow mouse, it just looks different.Instagram Grey Mouse
  2. You have the option of switching the display screen to match your mobile device by using the menu at the top of the screen as shown below:Instagram Select Device Size

If you visit my Instagram account, it’s obvious that I’m an Instagram novice. Who knows, now that I can post from my PC, I might post more often.

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.