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Terrarium TV, you have changed my life! It was about 18 short months ago when I first became aware of the movie streaming world. Back then I purchased and “jailbroke” my first Amazon Fire TV stick. Oh, what a newb I was. It’s been a long time since this grandma was a newbie at anything and streaming movies was a new and fascinating world. I also the time when learned about the need for a VPN.

My first streaming movie app was Kodi. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent trying to wrap my head around that programming masterpiece. I was in awe of what it could do and also very confused as to how it did what it did. There were so many options. Actually, there were too many options. I started to long for something simpler…enter Terrarium TV.

My Love Affair with Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV was streamlined and user-friendly. It responded quickly, no crashing and rebooting my device. It had more movies than I could watch and a slew of my favorite old TV shows. It’s amazing how watching one TV show can pick me up from my living room and deposit me smack dab in the middle of Memory Lane. Aside from the nostalgic trips, Terrarium TV was simple to use. I like simplicity. Then came the dreadful day!Terrarium TV Shutdown

Oh man, life goes on, but I sure was missing my Terrarium TV (as I’m sure many other folks were). The demise of the app sent me on a frenzy of apk installations and deletions in an attempt to find a Terrarium replacement.

Why Am I Writing This?

I’m writing this post to serve as my memory. I’ve installed and deleted so many apks since the demise of Terrarium, I sometimes found I’d install an app that I previously deleted for one reason or another. I’d then have to go through the process of deleting it again. I love simplicity and I truly dislike wasting time. So, I figured that if I could make a list of the apps I’ve installed and deleted and the reasons why I deleted them, I won’t waste my time reinstalling the very apps I don’t want.

Why Post it to the InterWeb?

I’m putting this list on my blog because my memory and sometimes my organizational skills are somewhat suspect. I could easily save the list to my computer’s hard drive. The problem with that is I sometimes lose files on my hard drive because I don’t remember how I named it or where I put it. By posting it to my blog, I can always use my handy dandy search function (located to the right if you’re viewing on a laptop or below the post if viewing from a mobile device) to find my list. BTW, for older folks like me, you might want to give this blogging thing a try. It’s a great memory catcher.

Enough with the babbling and onto the list. Here’s the list of apps I’ve installed, deleted, kept or am pondering whether or not to keep. As I continue my installation/deletion frenzy, I’ll update the list accordingly:

  1. Kodi – my first app: I thought it was robust, exciting, complicated and frustrating. It was fine when it worked, but it seemed to crash often. I really needed something simpler. I believe Kodi is still being updated and used, but it’s too complicated and unstable for me
  1. Terrarium TV (sniffle, sniffle): My favorite app for streaming movies. It was simple and easy to use. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. The programmers decided to take it down. If Terrarium were still around, there would be no need for this post.
Silent Ghost HD
  1. Silent Ghost HD: This is a very small and simple app. It doesn’t take up much space on the hard drive and very simple to use. Unfortunately, however, that simplicity and small file size came at a cost. Certain necessary features like Search weren’t included in the app. As a result, to find a movie, you had to scroll horizontally throughout the entire library to find it. Good luck trying to watch Zootopia or Zoolander. The lack of a search function was a deal breaker so I deleted it.
Cinema HD
  1. Cinema HD: My new post–Terrarium favorite. It’s very much like Terrarium so this one is a keeper. It’s been my go-to movie app.
  1. Red Movie Box: This one is nice, but it’s not as responsive as Cinema HD. The stream scraping process seemed much slower than Cinema HD and the movies seemed to buffer more frequently. I deleted it.
  1. Dream TV: Dream TV’s interface is very much like Terrarium’s, but I didn’t have good luck with this app. When I selected a movie stream to play, it didn’t play. Thinking the problem was with my Fire Stick, I rebooted it and still had the same problem. I deleted it.
TV Zion
  1. TV Zion: This is a recent install and I like it. I have to give it a few more days of playing around with it since I only downloaded it yesterday, but I think it’s a keeper. Usually, I know right off the bat whether or not it’s a keeper. I like the way the TV Zion categorizes the movies/tv shows. I also like the recommendations listed along the bottom of the screen after a movie is selected for viewing. What I don’t like is the request to join the TV Zion club for $1.25 per month when I open the app, but it’s easy enough to exit out of the request. I might do a full review of this app later on as I think it might become one of my favorites.
  1. BeeTV: I uninstalled this one shortly after installing it. Why? Because it had a large banner ad along the bottom of the screen. I found the size of the ad to be intrusive so I deleted the app. There are plenty of other apk options out there without having to endure such banner ads.

That’s it for now.

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.

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  • Rita Montague January 14, 2019, 7:11 pm

    Just saw your comment to me. I was expecting it to come to my email but it didn’t. Glad I saw it and glad you now know about Blokada.

    • Felicia January 15, 2019, 3:36 pm

      Hmmm, I’ve got to investigate as to why you didn’t get a notification of my follow up comment.

  • Rita Montague January 7, 2019, 5:40 pm

    Hi Felicia:

    I am also a low tech Grandma. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and enjoy it. I just wanted to comment on this one as I have something to add.

    I recently re-downloaded Terrarium and it works great! Not sure why. You can get it off of some filelinked sites. If you don’t know what that is, I can steer you there.
    Anyway, I also got Move Box Red but when I found Terrarium I had to remove it, because they don’t play nice together. I also have Dream TV which is pretty good. I deleted TV Zion because I couldn’t figure it out.
    I also use BeeTV and Cinema HD. Silent Ghost didn’t work for me either. Maybe because all of these are on my Smart TV and not on tablets or computers. Anyway, should you be interested at all, Terrarium is still available.

    Having to put up with Banners, I have Blokada and don’t get banners or ads anymore.

    Thanks for your blog!


    • Felicia January 8, 2019, 7:55 am

      Hey Rita (my fellow low tech grandma),

      Thanks so much for your comment. I didn’t realize Terrarium was still up and running. I’ll re-install it, but honestly, I’ve been very happy with Cinema HD. Guess it’s time for me to do a comparison to see which one I truly like better.

      Yes, I’m familiar with FileLinked, but I’m not familiar with Blokada. I’ve heard of it, but now I’ll have to try it.

      Thanks again for the info!