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When the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 does not illuminate, its difficult to use the device. After having spent money a few months ago to fix the tablet’s charging port, I didn’t want to send it to the repair shop without doing everything I could to fix the screen’s non-illumination problem. I’ve had the device for a few years and was willing to brick it before spending another dime repairing it.

Samsung Galaxy Note

I originally bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to see if it could replace my huge bulky laptop. Unfortunately, as time went on, I realized it could not. The tablet had its positive features, but a laptop replacement it was not (at least not for me). Since it could not replace my laptop, the tablet was relegated to web surfing, word processing, message checking, movie watching, and Solitaire playing.

Note 10.1 Charging Problems

One of the most frustrating problems I have with the Samsung Galaxy tablet is its slow charging and rather short battery life. I guess watching movies will drain the battery, but taking 10 hours or more to charge is a bit ridiculous. Apparently, this is a known problem for Samsung Galaxy Note users. Read this thread on the Samsung Community forum.

In addition to slow charging, the Samsung Galaxy is persnickety about its charging cords. I only use the charging cord provided when I purchased the tablet. I tried purchasing additional chargers, but none of them worked very well. It’s rather interesting to watch the battery life decline while it’s charging. However, to charge the device with any type of speed (when I talk speed, I’m talking 1.5% every 15 minutes or so), I have to turn it off and allow it to charge overnight unbothered.

Samsung Galaxy Black Screen Problem

To add insult to injury, the screen decided to play hide and seek with the lighting. The intermittent black screen fist occurred after the battery had drained down very low to about 7%. Big mistake! I shut off the Galaxy, plugged it in and let it charge overnight. The following morning when I turned it on, things looked normal until the screen unexpectedly went black. The tablet was still running, but the screen was black.

Not knowing what to do, I performed a hard reboot (power button + volume up button). When it booted up, the screen illuminated only to black out again when the screensaver came on. I performed another hard reboot. Unfortunately, hard reboots seemed to be the only way to get the screen back on. In addition to the now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t display screen, the battery charging indicator that usually shows when the tablet is off and charging did not display.

Dr. Google to Fix the Samsung Blackout Screen Problem

Apparently, this is a common problem. Common enough to where there are several YouTube videos and blog posts about how to fix the issue. Some of my fellow blackout screen sufferers noticed the odd occurrence after allowing the tablet’s battery to run down. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how a low battery can screw around with the screen display, but that’s not for me to figure out. All I wanted to do was fix it, and fix it I did.

I pulled the back off of the tablet as instructed in the various videos and blog posts. Then I tightened the straps by opening the clips, shoving the strap further into the clips and closing the clips again.Samsung Galaxy Straps and Clips

Afterward, I replaced the back cover (minus an extra piece I accidentally broke off while removing the cover).

Accidental Casualty

Galaxy Note 10.1 Fixed (for now)

With the back cover replaced, I used the wall charger to get the Galaxy charging. I was pleased to see the charging indicator screen again. Not wanting to wait for the Samsung to fully charge, when the battery reached 16% I unplugged the charger and turned on the device. Fortunately, it worked as it should! I was one happy camper (oh my, what a dirty screen).Samsung Galaxy 0 Percent Charge

I’m still not happy about the incredibly slow rate at which it charges. I’m also unhappy at the fact that the screen blacked out as a result of allowing the battery to drain too far. It would be different if I had dropped the tablet causing the screen to blackout but a low battery? That’s crazy!

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