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The Aukey FM transmitter solved my non-Bluetooth audio sound quality problem. While I love driving my almost 20-year-old Chevy Express, I do wish it had a Bluetooth compatible radio (that’s on my “to purchase” list, but takes a back seat to more important things).

Several months ago, I wrote about my trials and errors with hands-free phone devices to compensate for van’s lack of Bluetooth. My workaround at that time was to purchase an Aivake hands-free Bluetooth speaker. The speaker clips onto the visor and works as advertised. My only problem with the Aivake speaker is the lack of quality sound. It’s great for phone conversations and audiobooks, but not so great when listening to music.

I Want High-Quality Sound for Music

Since the poor sound quality was getting to me, I resumed my quest to find the perfect solution to my problem. Fortunately, I found an inexpensive solution in the form of the Aukey FM Transmitter.

Aukey FM Transmitter

The Aukey FM Transmitter cost less than $15 and it’s simple enough to set up. Just plug one end into the AUX jack on my iPhone and the other end into the cigarette lighter. Next, synchronize the Aukey FM transmitter and the car radio to an unused radio station (88.5 in my case). Access your phone’s playlist, turn on your radio and setup is complete. Your playlist will play through the car speakers. Of course, the sound quality depends on the quality of your speakers (and my Chevy has great speakers). It’s a vast improvement over the non-stereo sound of the Aivake speaker.

Aukey FM Transmitter – Static Free

Before purchasing the Aivake speaker, I owned a VicTsing wireless FM transmitter. I quickly abandoned the VicTsing device due to static. I couldn’t enjoy my music because of the overwhelming crackling of static.

With the Aukey FM transmitter, static is non-existent 99% of the time. The only time I run into a problem with static is when I drive through certain areas that are known problem areas. They are the very same areas where my husband’s Sirius XM loses signal. Aside from those problem areas, the Aukey FM transmitter works perfectly!

Using Aukey to Talk on the Phone

The Aukey FM Transmitter does not have a built-in mic so I was concerned about talking on the phone. Fortunately, with my setup, that’s not a problem. I have a phone holster situated on my Chevy’s dashboard. With the phone in the holster, sound quality for the calls is excellent for both the caller and recipient. There’s no need for me to talk loud or lean forward for the mic to pick up my voice. I talk normally as if the person were in the car with me.Otterbox Car Mount

With Technology Sometimes Simple is Best

In today’s technology with all of the multi-functioned gadgets, the simple, easy-to-use Aukey FM transmitter does what it’s supposed to do. I’m able to listen to my playlists, books, GPS and/or talk on the phone easily. The sound is high-quality and static-free.

In addition to having quality sound, the cigarette lighter plug has an extra USB charging port. I can charge my phone while listening to it. The one thing I need to remember, however, is to unplug the charger when I shut the car off. The 1999 Chevy Express outlets are hot. In other words, they do not shut off when the car shuts off. I have to remove all charging items from the cigarette lighters to prevent draining the battery.

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.