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So far things have been going swimmingly with my recent PlayStation Vue subscription. There are a few hiccups, but with technology that’s to be expected. Having said that, this one hiccup really frosted my liver. It wasn’t the hiccup so much, but the inability to access customer support when I needed it.

Outside Home Network Hiccup

The hiccup I’m talking about is the inability to view all channels because PlayStation Vue thinks I’m not within my home network. The error message stated “Outside Home Network” Then it proceeded to tell me my content would be limited because I wasn’t in my home network.

Outside Home Network

Here’s the rub. I went to bed in my home network and woke up in my home network. Nothing changed. My IP address was the same, the devices were the same, the dark urine stain on my hardwood floor was still the same (dang that dog). How did PlayStation Vue decide I had taken a trip somewhere?

Problem Must be the Samsung Tablet

Thinking the problem was with the Samsung tablet, I decided to test the iPhone to see if it was also affected. Unfortunately, the iPhone gave me the same Outside Home Network notification. Having been unsuccessful with my mobile devices, I tried the Amazon Fire TV Sticks. Fortunately, they worked. One was extremely slow to boot up and display content, but at least it recognized that I was in my home network.

Having done my preliminary troubleshooting, I figured it was time to contact PlayStation Vue support to get a resolution. Unfortunately, me being on the East Coast and them being on the West, contacting someone was out of the question (I’m an early riser). Instead, I went to the URL listed on the “Sorry, you’re on your own” Chat Support page.

PlayStation Vue Unavailable Support

Useless PlayStation Vue Resolution Instructions

After navigating to the URL indicated, I found a link to instructions on how to resolve the Home Network error.  In preparation for following the instructions, I opened a second browser window. I set the browser windows side-by-side so I could follow the instructions to the letter. Imagine my surprise when I realized the only accurate step in the instructions was, “Step 1: Go to PlayStation Vue website and sign in.” After that, nothing matched.

Fix Home Location Errors

As hard as I tried to find the “Manage Subscription” button as instructed in Step 2, it just wasn’t to be found. I used my trusty “Ctrl +F” to invoke the browser’s “Find” function and typed in “manage subscription.” The results were 0/0. So, rather than waste my time and feed my mounting my frustration, I had to find another way to solve the problem.

PlayStation Vue Forums

I roamed around the PSV forums and found a thread where several people had the same problem as I was having. I read through the thread, tried various recommendations, but still no resolution.

As my frustration increased, I finally decided to delete the app from my mobile devices. As I was about to delete the app, I thought, “Why not try to clear the cache?” I accessed the Applications Manager on my Android device, cleared the cache and data for the PlayStation Vue app. Afterward, I tried logging on, and everything worked fine. No more Outside Home Network notification! Problem solved. Now to fix the iPhone problem.PS Vue iPhone

Unfortunately, not being well versed in iPhone, I couldn’t find a way to delete the data. Although I found the screen that contained information about Documents & Data but couldn’t clear/delete it. So, instead, I deleted the entire app and reinstalled it. That did the trick. PlayStation Vue now recognizes both devices as being in my home network.

Lesson Learned (aka Summary)

If you subscribe to PlayStation Vue, save yourself time and frustration if faced with the Outside Home Network notification. On an Android device, clear cache/data then restart the app. On an iPhone delete and reinstall the app.

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.