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After purchasing a new iPhone and still getting used to all the bells, whistles and tricks, I was wondering what to do with my old Moto G cell phone. It’s only 8 gigabytes in size so it can’t do very much. 8 GB doesn’t offer much space for uploading photos and videos, but, I can use it for a couple of audio books and a few favorite tunes.

In addition to storing audio books I’ve found the following uses for my old Moto G:

  • Use it as a remote control. Fortunately, my cable provider allows me to download an app to use my cell phone as a remote control. This comes in handy when the remote control hog is not being generous with the cable remote or when the remote mysteriously disappears.
  • Connect to Dragon NaturallySpeaking and use it as the remote microphone. The Moto G is more compact than the iPhone 6s Plus and thus makes it easier to use as a remote dictation microphone.
  • Music DJ. It becomes the remote control for Pandora, Accuradio or any other music source when connected to wireless speakers. The phone sits right next to the speaker for easy access when it comes time to skip or switch the music. No need to hunt around the house to find where I last left the cell phone.
  • Use it as a game center. You know all those silly game you download that you don’t really want to keep? You can load up your old cell phone with those games to determine which ones will make the cut to the real phone.
  • Receive junk mail. It appears one of my email addresses has become the go to email address for junk mail and spammers. As such,all emails to that particular address are sent to my old phone. I didn’t want to shut down the email address because I’ve had it for many years. It comes in handy on those occasions when I have to access a long forgotten online account that requires email authentication in order to change a password or profile info.
  • Mini file storage: The operative word here is mini. It is possible to transfer files from the phone to a computer using the USB cable. It could be used as a storage device in a pinch.Netflix
  • Watch movies: Remember, the phone still has the same functionality as it did prior to relegating it to second fiddle. It’s still able to access Neflix, HBO and any other movie/video service. As long as wi-fi access is available, the services are accessible.

These are just a few of the ways in which I put my old cell phone to use. Prior to owning the Moto G, I donated all of my old cell phones to charity. This one, however, is still useful to me so I’m holding on to it for a little while longer before I donate it

For more cool and creative ways to use an old smartphone check out the links below:

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