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I mentioned in an earlier post that I was the recipient of an iSound. An iSound is a little speaker that plugs perfectly into any cell phone, tablet or any other line-in compatible device. It has a neat little feature where it will display rotating colors if you’re into that stuff. Personally, I like my speakers to speak and my lights to light. I don’t need to have a speaker that lights or vice versa, but that’s just the old curmudgeon in me. Fortunately, the light display is located in the accordion-like center of the speaker and it’s collapsible.  Once collapsed, the lights no longer display.

Small iSound

It has a nice sound for the size of the device (it’s 2” tall and 2” in diameter). Let’s face it; the sound that comes from an unenhanced cell phone or tablet is not something you really want to boogie down to. You don’t get the deep soul pounding base or the crystal clear high notes; therefore, anything that enhances the plain cell phone is an improvement. Enter the iSound speaker. The iSound does a nice job of improving upon the basic cellphone sound.

How I use iSound Speaker

The iSound is a nice add on to my portable work environment. With a tablet and portable keyboard, the small speaker fits perfectly. Everything fits neatly into a tote for easy transport and setting up shop anywhere. The little speaker requires charging (either via USB or electrical outlet) and must connect to the mobile device via the manufacturer-supplied line-in cable.

I enjoyed the speaker so much that I decided to order a larger one (2 ¾” tall, 7” long and 2” wide). I figured the larger iSound would provide a more enjoyable listening experience. I expected the lows to be deeper and the highs a little higher/clearer. I also expected a more robust volume. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

Although the sound quality isn’t much different between the small and the large speakers, the larger iSound has other features that make up for the lack of sound quality. The features are as follows:large iSound

  1. It’s Bluetooth. This eliminates the need for wires connecting my device to the speaker.
  1. It has a microphone. The microphone gives me the ability to speak hands-free on my cell phone through the iSound speaker.
  1. It converts any other sound system that has an earphone jack into a Bluetooth sound system.

Nowadays, most speaker systems (at least computer speaker systems) have a headphone jack on one of the speakers. This very jack is the one iSound uses to enable Bluetooth control of the system. The saving grace is that even though the actual iSound quality isn’t spectacular, who cares! Once you connect it to a real speaker system, all is forgiven. Oh, the possibilities of the iSound speaker!Bose

The larger iSound also has funky little alternating colored lights at the bottom of the speaker, which you can turn off if you wish (and yes, I wish). The beauty of this speaker, however, is that it allows everyone at a family gathering to share in the musical DJ responsibility without having to get up and change the albums on the turntable. You older folks know what I’m talking about.

Here’s an example. Last week as we were gathered for one of our usual family get-togethers, I was playing my favorite jazz pieces from my phone through the iSound system. My son, who enjoys jazz but prefers something a bit more current, wanted to share a few “beats” with me, so I released the speaker (via Bluetooth) to allow him to connect. He then shared some of his music. Shortly thereafter, my daughter wanted to share a few of her favorite tunes, so my son disengaged from the speaker and allowed her to play her tunes. All this was done with a few taps on a mobile device.

It’s the lazy person’s way of changing the music. Did I mention that we could have used something like this back in the day?

iSound Speaker for Outdoor Use

For a small gathering around a campfire or other quiet setting, I could see iSound being useful. At a pool party not so useful. The noises associated with pools would most probably drown out the sound of the speaker unless it is attached to a more powerful speaker system.

If you pick the right setting, you will enjoy these speakers. They’re inexpensive and versatile. Just don’t expect Bose sounds out of them. If you do, you’ll be disappointed. Having said that, I’m thrilled with my iSound speakers.

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.