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I recently downloaded the Pushbullet app and it has made my writing life easier. Often times when I’m writing I find myself repeating the phrase “I wish I could just…” or “It would be nice if I were able to…” When I hear myself say that too many times its time to go app shopping. As a result of my last app shopping trip, I installed Pushbullet. I also installed the Pushbullet Chrome extension for my browser.


With Pushbullet I can easily transfer files from one device to another. Not only files but web pages, texts, photos and more. I don’t know about you, but when I take a photo with my phone I’d like to quickly transfer it to my PC (it’s easier for me to see the actual photo on a PC than the small mobile screen). In the past I would either email or text it to myself. Or, I would save it to Google Drive and then download it onto my PC, too many steps.

Texting, emailing or Google Drive is still a lot easier than saving it to a floppy disk, removing it from one device and walking over to the PC to upload it as I did in the old days. However, with all of the current smart technology, I’d like to transfer files as seamlessly as possible. Pushbullet allows me to do so.

With Pushbullet I can perform a one-click file transfer. The files must be 25mb or less. A downside is you can only send one photo at a time. There’s no batch transfer. That’s not a deal breaker because if I have a large number of photos to share/transfer, there’s always Google Drive or some other cloud storage.

Universal Copy and PastePushbullet for File Transfer

What I find particularly cool is the universal copy and paste feature. I can highlight and copy text on my laptop, then go to my tablet or phone and paste the copied text. It’s like magic.  I can copy text on my laptop and magically have the copied text sent to the clipboard on my device. All I need to do is open the program in which I’d like to paste the text and press “Paste.” The text is transferred from my PC’s clipboard to the mobile device, or visa versa. It doesn’t get much cooler than that! By default, this feature is turned off. You must go into the Pushbullet settings to enable it for each device.

Speaking of cool features, Pushbullet offers end-to-end encryption. To activate you must enter the same password on all devices listed on the account. This adds another layer of protection to prevent your personal/private information from being intercepted and read.

Chrome ExtensionBy the way, I should also mention that Pushbullet offers PC texting. However, since I can’t use it to text from my wifi Samsung tablet (they don’t offer that functionality) I’ll have to keep using Mighty Text.

I’m sure there are other apps out there that have a host of other features that probably do the same thing and more but so far I’m happy with Pushbullet. It’s simple enough where even I can figure out how to use it, yet feature-rich enough to satisfy my computing needs. It’s a far cry from the 3.5” floppy that stored 1.44mb of data I started out with many moons ago (actually, truth be told, I started out with the 5.25” 1.2 Mbytes discs, but don’t tell anyone).

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.