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After using Sygic’s GPS navigation app (I’ll write a more detailed review of the navigation app in the near future) I decided to try their Family Locator app. It has proven to be rather useful. Just as the name implies, it locates members of your family.

Family Locator App

Once the app is installed, you have the option to send invites to the people you want to track. After they accept the invite they’re included in your tracking circle. At any given time you can track the whereabouts of your children or anyone else in your circle.

Phone Tracker Alternative Views

When tracking your family members you have the option of using the map view or GPS satellite view. The map view is convenient for tracking approximate location and proximity to where you are. The satellite view allows you to see the actual location, car or building of where the family member is located. It sounds a little creepy, but when a mom is looking for her child, or visa versa, you want to be able to find the exact location.

Family Locator Premium Features

Although the app is free Sygic does offer premium features. Such features include setting safe and unsafe zones. This is particularly useful for parents of small children. If the child leaves a safe zone, school for example, the parent is notified.

There are other premium services such as location history. This gives you the option to track location history for the past 7 days. I’m not so sure how useful that option is. After all, how important is it to know where a person was 7 days ago. If you have the app, you get real-time tracking. I guess there’s a need for it or else Sygic wouldn’t have included it in the app.

Staying in Touch

Family members can stay in contact and send free instant messages. There’s the option to “check in” when a family member has changed locations. This is particularly useful when you’ve got teens driving around from location to location. Every so often it does a parent’s heart good to get a check-in notification.  According to Sygic’s website, Family Locator app was awarded by Parent Tested Parent Approved community.

This app works both on iPhones and Android phones. The one caveat is that all traceable phones must keep the GPS location setting on. Family Locator cannot track phones that have the GPS location turned off.

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.