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You are here: Home » Switching between Google Cloud Accounts: How One Person Made a Simple Task Difficult

With more than one Gmail account comes more than one Google Drive storage cloud. More than one storage cloud could be a good thing or a confusing thing. It’s a good thing when you carefully register your various Android devices using the same Google Gmail account. It becomes more confusing when you use different accounts for different devices.


Registering the Mobile Device

When I first purchased the Samsung Galaxy tablet, I registered it with Gmail account # 1. Gmail account number one was strictly for business use. The reason for getting the tablet was to allow me the flexibility of conducting business anywhere, so it made sense to associate it with the business account.

Enter the Smartphone. I later purchased a Smartphone for personal use so I registered the phone with my personal Gmail account #2. That worked well, but with the purchase of the Motorola Moto G Smartphone, the associated Gmail account received 50 GB of additional Google cloud storage for 2 years. What a nice little perk. The extra storage wasn’t necessary for my personal account, but it would sure come in handy for the business account.

Switching Gmail Accounts

Being the novice user, my first thought was I had to globally switch the accounts on the tablet. In other words, re-register the tablet with account # 2 instead of account #1 (talk about making a mountain out of a molehill). That proved to be more difficult than I thought so I had to come up with another plan.Log Out Icon

It didn’t dawn on me until one day as I was saving a file using KingSoft Office that I could swap Google Drive accounts. There was an odd looking icon (odd to me because I always lived in a PC world) that allowed me to sign out of my Google Drive account (palm to forehead). After signing out I was able to sign into any Google Drive account I wanted to.

This may be a no-brainer for more experienced mobile device users, but this was not a no-brainer for me.

PC Synchronization

Switching the synchronization folders on the PC was much easier. I just deleted everything and reinstalled Google Drive pointing to the appropriate account. Now I can seamlessly use the additional 50GB of storage space.

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