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The Logitech Z 200 speakers are just what I was looking for.  I  recently reformated my computer and I decided to purchase a pair of line-in speakers. I opted for non-USB speakers because I wanted something that would not only work with my computer but also with my Smartphone and Samsung Galaxy tablet. USB speakers are great for computers and may plug into a few television multimedia systems, but they’re useless for the smaller mobile devices.

Logitech Z 200 Multimedia Speakers

I wanted something that would give me a decent sound when plugged into any of the devices. I didn’t expect surround sound from the speakers I just wanted something portable so that when I’m either working on my computer or painting furniture, I could plug the speakers into the device and have music. I didn’t want to have to lug around a sub-woofer and all of its various and assorted parts.

Reasonably Priced Speakers

Because my music requirements were minimal, so was my budget. For under $25 I purchased the Logitech Z 200 Multimedia speakers from Amazon. Fortunately, as an Amazon prime member, I didn’t have to pay for shipping. I thought this was a good deal considering that in 2009 I spent about twice as much for a pair of Logitech USB speakers that were less powerful. The one downside to the Z200 speakers, however, is that they need an alternative power source. I had to give up the ability to charge my speakers from the device.

Big and Bulky

Logitech Speakers (My Old Setup)

When I was doing the research for the speakers I realized they were a bit larger than what I wanted. At 10 inches tall, 4 inches wide and approximately 4 inches deep, the Logitech Z 200s are much too large to sit atop of my writing desk. As such, the speakers are placed on a shelf beneath the desk. The only downside to that is I have to reach under the desk to turn them on and off. I guess that’s not really so bad since the speakers are not very attractive. But, they weren’t purchased for looks they were purchased for sound.

As far as the sound goes, the sound works perfectly on the shelf underneath the desk. I tend to work listening to soft music, usually classical or jazz so I don’t need loudspeakers atop the desk blaring at me. However, if you listen to different type of music and would like to have your speakers closer to ear level, consider the desktop space requirements before purchasing the speakers.

Logitech Z 200 – Sound and Tone Control

There’s a large knob on the front of one of the speakers that allow you to turn it on and adjust the volume. On the right-hand side, is the tone control. You can adjust the dial to the positive or the negative side. I’ve found that turning the dial completely to the negative side gives me the most clarity for the high notes. Again, for $25 speaker you get what you get.Logitech Z 200 Speaker - Side

It has a headphone jack if you choose to listen to your music thru headphone and it also has a line in an auxiliary input jack. I’ve not had any use for that. Neither have I needed to use the headphone. It’s advertised that you can plug in two devices at one time. Personally, I’ve not had to use that feature. Again, I just use it as background music for my work environment.

Final Verdict

I consider these an acceptable no-frills type of speaker. If you want to do fancy-schmancy things or watch a surround sound movie, I’d suggest you get a more expensive higher-quality speaker than the Logitech Z 200.

These speakers were exactly what I was looking for. I think it’s a good bargain at $25. I’ve only had the speakers for a month. The true test this to see how long they last and whether both speakers continue to work for the duration. I’ve had Logitech speakers before and they lasted a long time but only one of the two speakers works.

2/7/18 Update: It’s been three years since purchasing the Logitech Z 200 speakers and they’re working just as well as the first day I bought them. On rare occasions, I use my computer to watch a movie or TV program (that’s easy to do now that I’m a cord-cutter using PlayStation Vue for streaming programs). The sound is clear and static free. I’m happy with my purchase.

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.