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From time to time I’ll share information on apps that have been helpful to me. In an earlier post, I mentioned KingSoft Office, Barcode Scanner, Amazon Kindle, WordPress, Smart Voice recorder and banking software. To that list of apps I’d like to add the following:

(Insert your auto insurance company name here) App

I don’t know about you, but my auto insurance company seems to send new auto ID cards monthly. They send cards so frequently that we begin to ignore them. With the auto insurance app, there’s no need for paper ID cards. You can quickly access your insurance information from your device if need be. You can also pay premiums, get quotes, file claims, find local gas stations (if GPS is enabled) and much more. Actually, there’s too much more. Why my auto insurance app offers ringtones and social media is beyond me. Guess it’s a sign of the times.

The Home Depot App

As a do it yourselfer, the Home Depot app has been extremely helpful. There’s nothing like getting knee deep into a DIY project only to realize you’re missing a necessary item. With the Home Depot app, you can search for the item, find out how much it costs, whether or not the store has it in stock and the aisle location of the item. The app saves you from making unnecessary trips to the store.Home Depot App

One of the things I’ve learned about Home Depot is their online store is larger than their brick and mortar warehouse. The warehouse can only stock so much and display so many types of items. The online store can stock/display everything. If you don’t find what you want in the store, use the app to place an order. You can have it delivered to your home or to the store.

In addition to practical information like finding the item you need, the app offers a host of tools. For example, if you want to know how much carpeting, drywall or even paint you’ll need for your project, open the app and use their calculator tool. If you want to convert sq yards to acres or meters to inches, the converter will do the math for you. Download it and play around to see what it can do for you. BTW, Lowes has a similar app. The Lowes app will tell you if an item is in stock, and where it’s located too. Lowes has How To videos, but it seems to be lacking the conversion tools. If you are a do it yourselfer and have both stores in your area, download both apps.


I just recently started exploring all AARP has to offer. If you’re an AARP member, you might want to download the app. It’s helpful to have a list of the discounts handy when you’re out and about. I recently found out that one of the restaurants we often go to offers a 15% discount to AARP members. A word of warning, do not download the AARP magazine app on a cell phone. It’s too difficult to read on a small device.

Super Bright LED Flashlight App

Are the batteries in your flashlight dead? Not to worry, turn your Smartphone into a flashlight by downloading the LED Flashlight app. Just don’t look directly into the light as it is very bright.

The flashlight has several settings, from a steady stream of light to the pulsing strobe light effect. My strobe light disco days have long passed (as evident by my AARP membership), so I only use it strictly as a flashlight.

The Holy Bible AppNKJV

I downloaded two different bible apps. There’s the free King James version which is installed on my cell phone, and a premium version I use on my tablet. Originally I had the free version on my tablet but I found it began to choke when I attempted to use it in a similar fashion to my physical bible. While the free app gives the option to highlight, bookmark and take notes, I found it began to choke. My notes and highlighting would disappear and the app would freeze. I felt it was telling me that it was only good for reading and not for studying so it ended up on my phone.

The premium version which is the New King James Bible (NKJV)cost $4.99 and I recently downloaded it so I haven’t had a chance to give it a real workout yet. I’ll work with it a bit and report back later.


If you like keeping up with the latest TED talks, this app is for you. It sends notification of new talks and you can view new and old talks on your device.

Organizing My Library of AppsUtilities Folder

With so many apps to download it could be near impossible to keep track of them all. I’ve watched folks attempt to find an app by scrolling through page after page in order to tap on the correct app. Me, I prefer having all my apps on one page. To do this, I put them in folders.

To add an app to a folder, tap and hold the app icon until you feel the haptic vibration. Then move the icon atop of another icon to create a folder. Give the folder an appropriate name for the items held within. Wash rinse and repeat.

For example, on my home screen I have folders named as follows:

  • Productivity (for work tools)
  • Money (contains my banking and insurance apps)
  • Entertainment (non-interactive entertainment, i.e., TV/Video apps)
  • Games (Interactive games such as Sudoku and Crossword Puzzles)
  • Utilities (settings, antivirus, flashlight and the like)

There are several stand-alone apps on my home screen that are not in folders. They’ll remain that way until the need to put them in a folder arises. This Feliciasaurus’s goal is to always have a single home page. How about you? How many home pages do you have?

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.