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The reason is simple; it’s the one phone being offered by my cell phone service provider that met all of my needs. In my earlier posts, I explain that I’m not a heavy cell phone user. In fact, I barely use a cell phone. When I decided to switch from a prepaid cell phone to a Smartphone, I looked around for the best deal.


Two Concerns: Long term and Short Term

My long-term concern was the monthly cost. I didn’t want to give up my inexpensive prepaid phone only to be forced into paying an astronomically high monthly phone bill. I also did not want a long-term 2-year contract. A lot can happen in a period of two years and I wanted a phone plan that was flexible to suit my changing needs.

The short-term concern was the price of the phone. I’m not a $600 phone type of gal. I needed something durable, functional and reasonably priced.

Finding the Right Service Provider

By addressing my long-term concerns first I came across the service provider Consumer Cellular. Consumer Cellular offers no-contract, reasonably priced phone plans. The plans are flexible enough that if my monthly phone/text or data usage changes I can modify my plan on the fly. No 2-year contract and early termination fees. With my limited phone/texting usage, I’m able to pick and choose the services I need. And as an AARP member, I get a 5% discount off my monthly bill.

Consumer Cellular Account Balance

My first month’s cell phone bill

Finding the Right Phone

After settling on Consumer Cellular as my phone service provider, it was time to find the right phone. Consumer Cellular offered phones ranging from the latest iPhone to the old-fashioned flip phone. Before making a selection, I made a list of what I absolutely needed in a cell phone and my needs were as follows:

  • A screen large enough screen so my aging eyes could read it.
  • Front and rear facing camera (no, I don’t take selfies, but front-facing cameras come in handy for video chatting if I decide to take up that sport).
  • Rear-facing camera with enough megapixels to take decent photos
  • Reasonable pricing

As you can see, my requirements were few and simple. After reading more info on the phones offered by my service provider, I opted for the Motorola Moto G. It satisfied all of my requirements and then some.Home Page

  • With a 4.5″ screen (measured diagonally) and a 1280×720 screen resolution, the screen is clear and easy to read.
  • The rear-facing camera 5mega pixel is more than adequate for my spur of the moment picture taking needs.
  • The front-facing 1.3megapixell camera has kept my daughter busy taking selfies (most of which I later delete).

The pricing for the phone, e car adapter and phone case fell well within my budget. The Motorola Moto G is reasonably priced and functional.

With the purchase of the cell phone, I got 50 gigabytes of free Google Drive storage for 2 years. The phone has 8 GB of storage, which is more than adequate for my needs. Not being one to fill the phone with videos, music and excessive photos, it will take quite some time to use the 8GB let alone the extra 50 GB.

Whole New World

Consumer Cellular and the Motorola Moto G has been a welcome addition to my life. I still don’t talk on the phone very much, but as I mentioned in my last post, the cell phone has become a very useful tool.

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.