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Back when I purchased Logitech V20s in 2009 I had a difficult time finding USB speakers with real quality sound. In my experience, in order to enjoy speakers with true quality sound you needed to purchase speakers that required juice from an electrical outlet. Keeping that in mind, I’m pretty satisfied with the sound quality of the Logitech V20 speakers.


Lowered Expectations

Keeping things real, I never expected Bose-type sound quality coming from these little speakers. In addition to them being powered via USB, they were inexpensive coming in less than $55 (now in 2013 you can purchase them for about $25 if you can find them).

All that being said, the sound quality is better than I expected. No, you cannot adjust the treble or bass, but there’s a reasonable balance between the two so the sounds are clear with just enough bottom to add body to whatever you’re listening to. You wouldn’t replace your home stereo system with these speakers but they work well for watching a video or playing music from your computer.

I’ve used them extensively to listen to Pandora while working or watch the occasional show from my laptop. The sound quality is just fine provided you don’t turn it up to maximum volume. It tends to vibrate and distort a bit at maximum volume.

Convenient Control Buttons

The control buttons atop one of the speakers allow you to Play/Pause, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind and/or turn the volume up or down. The red/blue indicator light lets you know whether or not the speakers are on (red off/blue on).

Since these are older speakers (circa 2006), they are rather large compared to today’s speaker standards. I’ve used them with a 10-inch netbook and the two speakers combined were about the size of the netbook.

Carrying Case

Logitech sells the V20 USB Speakers with a sturdy carrying case. The case has a hard exterior, which does much to protect the speakV20 Carrying Caseers. The inside of the case has space for each speaker and the attached wiring. The V20 speakers have hide away stands that make it easy to prop the speakers for listening and then fold them away for storage. The only downside to the case is it doesn’t have a handle (minor drawback).

Downside to the Logitech V20 Speakers

After owning these speakers for several years, they developed a short between the primary speaker (the one with the controls) and the secondary one. At first, the short created static in the second speaker and finally, the second speaker stopped working altogether.

I still get quality sound from one speaker, but would much prefer having the stereo effect of two speakers. As with all technology, there is a limited shelf life. I guess my V20s have reached theirs.

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.