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If you shell out the cash to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, I recommend you protect your investment by purchasing the correct carrying case for it. I’m sure you already know that one size case does not fit all.Non 2014 Edition

In my excitement to purchase the device I ordered an inexpensive case from Amazon. Not knowing any better I thought I had a deal. When the case arrived I happily inserted the Galaxy into the case. It didn’t take more than 10 seconds to realize this case just wasn’t going to cut it.

Improper Size and Cut Outs

The cut outs on the case I ordered didn’t correspond with the buttons and camera on the device. There was one cut out for the Home key and that was it. If you wanted to use the camera, you had to take the device out of the case and turn it upside down in order for the camera to almost align with the one available cut out. The only problem with that was the remainder of the case covered the Home, Back and Menu buttons.

Retrieving the stylus was near impossible, not to mention the fact that the case blocked access to the speakers, SD slot, volume buttons and potentially the on/off button.

Not for the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition

2014 Edition

After going back and reviewing the specs, I see that the case is advertised for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. It did not say “2014 Edition.” The words “2014 Edition” make a big difference when purchasing cases for the Galaxy. Fortunately, the case only cost less than $9 so there was no big loss there.

Purchasing the Correct Case

Off to Best Buy I went. No more guessing game as to which case will work. I went directly over to the Galaxy Samsung Note 10.1 cases and picked up a white case and was about to go to the checkout line. Fortunately, I saw the sales rep and asked a couple of questions about things totally unrelated to the carrying case.

During our conversation he allowed me to know that the $29.99 case I was about to purchase wasn’t for the 2014 Edition of the Samsung Galaxy (apparently I’m a very slow learner). I needed the $49.99 case for my device.

So, I forked over an additional $20 and now have the proper case for the device. I purchased the Belkin case made specifically for the 2014 Edition of the Galaxy. The device snaps securely into the case without the worry of anything covering the necessary buttons or camera.

The case is leather with suede interior. As with most cases, it’s adjustable which allows for several viewing angles. The elastic band on the front cover wraps around the case opening to keep the case closed for transport. It has a holder on top to place the stylus when not in use and all of the external buttons and slots are accessible. It’s just what I needed.Proper Case for 2014 Edition

Be Fore Warned

There are several cases available for the Galaxy Note 10.1, but the majority of them I see on Amazon are not for the 2014 Edition. Make sure you pay particular attention to the cutouts or lack thereof. The 2014 Edition of the Samsung Galaxy requires openings both at the top and bottom of the case in order to access the camera and Home/Menu/Back keys.

You might get a better deal on Amazon, but please make sure to pay close attention to what you’re purchasing.

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.