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There comes a time in every family’s life when a decision has to be made. The life-changing decision is: Is Junior responsible enough to have a cell phone?

Jr Cell Phone

This is not an age-old question. It’s one of those questions that are faced by this generation but were not faced by the prior generation. In the prior generation, the question was: Is Junior responsible enough to have a phone in her room? Or, could Junior have a TV in her room?

Today, it seems that the average family spends more money on cell phones than landlines. Partial thanks go to the phone companies, as they no longer having a monopoly and can’t get away with charging outrageous monthly phone rates anymore. The rest of the thanks goes to the ever growing ever improving cell phone technology.

When it comes time to decide whether or not Junior should have a cell phone, there are a few things you should consider.

A Few Questions to Ask before Buying Junior’s Cell Phone

  • Is Junior responsible? Will Junior destroy, lose, demolish or leave the cell phone in the pants pocket so that it is washed with the laundry?
  • Has Junior earned the cell phone? Does Junior do household chores like clean the room, walk the dog, take out the trash or wash dishes after eating? A cell phone is not a birthright, its’ got to be earned.
  • How many of Junior’s friends have cell phones? This is a key question. You see, if “everybody has one,” Junior will be left out of the “in” crowd. Junior will miss out on the latest change in plans because all plan changes are transmitted via cell phone. No, not by phone conversation, all pre-teen phone conversations take place via thumbs. Yes, I’m referring to the texting feature on cell phones. Why talk when you can text?

Cell Phones Change Family Privacy

If you find that your child is responsible enough to have a cell phone, be prepared for a household change. In the pre-teen and teenaged sect, cell phones are used for just about everything but talking. Texting is the primary cell phone function. After texting comes picture taking and then recording videos.

In essence, by giving your child a cell phone, you have successfully provided the one missing tool to transform your child from mild-mannered student to Paparazzi. Your every move, your every conversation and every family situation will now be broadcast amongst Junior’s circle of friends. There will be no more need to call your neighbor to find out how she’s doing. You’ll know because Jr. Paparazzi has already informed you that your neighbor’s cat is sick and that the operation costs $2,500.

That type of information does not come without cost. In order to obtain that juicy tidbit of information, Junior had to share the fact that your hamster needed surgery, but you were too cheap to pay for the operation so, rumor has it that you are an unfeeling animal hater. You see what happens just because you gave Junior a cell phone?

Shift in Cell Phone Usage

Gone are the days when people only used cell phones for emergencies. Well, they do use it for emergencies, but rarely. After all, an emergency nowadays is not finding Uggs in the right size or failing to get tickets to the latest Miley Cyrus concert.

FeliciaFelicia (aka Low Tech Grandma) is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance writer and low tech blogger.