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Bob Dylan

Like the song, this blog is changing. No longer will it be a blog. I’ve given up on the blogging platform and will be reverting to the good ol’ stationary website. Why? Because I’m tired of updates, spam, and hack attacks This blog has been rather dormant so I don’t think the change will bother [...]

Well, I must be moving up in the world. Li’l ol’ me is the recipient of a ransom email. Before I discuss it, let’s take a look at it. Here it is: From: Malani Melendez <tccamillo@coplana.com> Date: February 21, 2022 at 10:02:00 PM EST To: Me at one of my email addresses Subject: Successfully logged [...]

Firefox Focus

Let me start this post by saying that promoting the Mozilla’s Firefox Focus browser is akin to shooting myself in the foot when it comes to earning money on this blog. You will note that I have ads here on Low-Tech Grandma. They’re pretty difficult to miss. The display ads are compliments of Google. Google also [...]

Logitech Combo Touch

This might be a little over the top, but I purchased the Logitech Combo Touch, yet another keyboard. Why? Well, because I purchased yet another iPad. If you followed my transition from PC to iPad, you’ll know that the only complaint I had about the iPad Air was that I bought the wrong size hard [...]

Too Much Paper

I finally found the right note-taking app. The name of the app is NoteShelf! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with it. I’ve been searching for the right note-taking app along with a digital planner and NoteShelf fits the bill. By the way, it’s compatible with Android and iOS. My Paperless Transition Now [...]


I recently started using an app called Duolingo to help me learn Spanish. The fact that I took Spanish in high school has little bearing on how much Spanish I can now read and understand. As a matter of fact, I only remember the basics. Fortunately, with the Duolingo app, I can spend about 15 [...]


How fast do you type?  I learned how to type decades ago. I started to go into a long trip down memory lane sharing my typing experience over the years but fell asleep when proofing it. Who cares how and when I learned to type. The bottom line is, fast typing is a beneficial skill. [...]


The rule of thumb is that changing an Apple ID requires a cancel and re-application of the Apple Pay credit card.  Much to my surprise, I didn’t find that to be the case. Unfortunately, as a result of a data breach, I was forced to change email and password information on several websites (85 to [...]

Degree Symbol

This is a quick post inspired by my brother. I’ll call it the degree post. As my brother and I chat back and forth on Messenger talking about riveting topics such as the weather, you can imagine how many times we have to actually type out the word degree or degrees. Now, that’s not so [...]

iPad a Year Later

In December of 2020, I purchased an iPad Air 4. The goal was to use it as my main computer and to transition away from my decades-long relationship with Windows.The transition has been a bumpy ride. The ride wasn’t bumpy due to a flaw in the iPad. The ride was bumpy because my Windows brain [...]

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