Reprogramming Keyless Entry for a Ford Freestar without Factory Set Code

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Ford-Freestar-Keyless-EntryIf you purchase a used Freestar as I did, the seller might not have the original factory set code that’s needed to reprogram the keyless entry. What the seller failed to realize was the code was right under his nose. Ford places a secondary factory set code within the bowels of the car. Finding the location of the manufacturer’s code is easy, actually reading the digits takes a little ingenuity.

The code for the Freestar (years 2004 through 2007) is located under the driver’s side dash. To view it you have to finagle yourself so that you are lying down under the dash with your head right by the gas pedal. From this position you’re able to look up into the maze of wires and fuse boxes. Before you put yourself in such an awkward position, I strongly recommend you have the following at hand:

  • A flashlight
  • A smartphone
  • A blanket or towel

Depending on how clean/dirty the Freestar, you might want to place the blanket/towel on the floor near the gas/brake pedals. The best position to locate the code is with your head on the floor of the car. It’s bad enough you’re in an uncomfortable position, no sense in adding fuel to the fire by straining your neck attempting to keep your head off a dirty floor.Ford Factory Card

Make sure to have the flashlight and smartphone accessible. In other words, lay them both on your stomach while you’re on your back (or have someone right there to hand you the tools as you need them). I don’t recommend using the flashlight app on your smartphone because once you locate the code; you need to grab a photo of it immediately. It’s very dark up there in the wired maze. Taking the time to turn off the flashlight app to then turn on the camera is enough time to lose sight of code’s location. An old-fashioned flashlight works best.

In my case the code was located on the side closest to the engine underneath a protective covering. For earlier model years I’ve heard it’s on the side closest to the driver’s seat beneath the dashboard.

You know you’ve found it when you see a white label, similar to the one shown in this post. The factory code is the five-digit code that follows the dash (-) and precedes the asterisk (*). When you find it, snap the photo then gingerly disentangle yourself from underneath the steering wheel.Ford Factory Set Card

Programming the Freestar’s Keyless Entry

From here on it it’s gravy. It’s as simple as 1,2, 3. To program the keyless entry this is what you do:

  1. First enter the manufacturer’s code. Doing so will unlock the driver’s door.
  1. Next within 5 seconds depress the 1*2 key on the keypad. This will cause the locks to lock then unlock.
  1. Enter your new 5-digit code. Each digit of the 5-digit code must be entered within 5 seconds of each other. Once entered, give it a second or two for the codes to register. You’ll know they registered once the car locks then unlocks.

Some cars allow you to enter codes for different drivers. If your car is so equipped, after the car has accepted your code, depress the 1*2 key for the first driver. If there is a second driver, repeat steps 1-3 and then hit key 3*4 for the second driver. You can repeat it again for a third driver then depress the 5*6 key.

Once its all programmed, test it to make sure it works as it should.


  • To unlock the driver’s door, just enter the personal code (or manufacturer’s code).
  • To unlock all doors, depress 3*4 within 5 seconds of entering your personal code.
  • To lock all doors depress 7*8 and 9*0 simultaneously. You don’t need to enter your personal code to lock the doors, only to open them.

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  1. Darrell says:

    WOW! IT WORKS!! I tried everything, searched everywhere and could not located this code. Until I followed your suggestion. Thank you so much.

  2. Scott says:

    Well done ma’am!
    The label on my 2006 Freestar was above the area where your left foot would be. There was a sheet of white paper like material hanging in front of it.
    I didn’t even have to put myself in there upside down lol
    Your reprogramming instructions are perfect!
    Bonus button info: after unlocking the doors, press 5/6 to open the driver’s sliding side door, and 9/0 for the passenger sliding side door.

    Thanks again for your post and this information!!

    • Low Tech Grandma says:

      Scott, I’m glad it worked for you! Also, thanks for the bonus info. I’m sure my readers will appreciate it.

  3. John says:

    This worked like a charm! Thanks!

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