How to Disable Verizon Wireless Balance Notifications

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What’s more annoying than attempting to make an urgent call on your Verizon prepaid cell phone only to hear a recorded voice slowly informing you of your current prepaid phone balance and how much you can use on your current phone call. When you need to make a call from your cell phone the only sound you want to hear is the ringing of the phone which means your call is going through.

If you use a Verizon pre-paid cell phone you can easily disable these annoying balance alert notifications. You have two options. You can either disable it using your prepaid cell phone or you can log onto your account at Verizon Wireless to turn it off.

Disabling Verizon’s Balance Notification Alert via Prepaid Cell Phone

  • Turn on your cell phone and dial *611
  • Select option #4
  • Next select option #2
  • Then press option # 3 for balance notification levels
  • Press # 1 to modify your balance notification level
  • Listen to the options and change your balance notification level to “low.” This will turn off the notification the recording that plays prior to each phone call.
  • Once you change the notification level, give it some time to take effect. It should happen instantaneously, but if it doesn’t, give it 20 minutes or so.

Disabling Verizon’s Balance Notification Alert Online

  • Navigate to your Verizon Wireless account
  • Click on the “My Profile” link
  • Once you’re on My Profile page, Scroll down to the Phone Control Section and change the Messaging Level to “Low.” Make sure to click the “Update” button to save your settings.
  • The change should take place immediately, but if it doesn’t give it about 20 minutes or so for the software to catch up with your request.

Adjust Balance Alert Notifications

If for some reason you miss the recorded voice notification you can always re-enable it, but something tells me you won’t.

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